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Get rid of dark circles : Treat and remove under eyes dark area at home. Remedies for black circles around eye includes use of tea, milk and cucumber. ——…

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Question by Unknown: What are some home remedies to take off facial dark spots?
I got rid of my main acne problems
But now, I have scars and dark spots :S
It really sucks

I have smooth skin, no acne
But just dark spots that don’t go away.

Before I go find a real product to clear it
I want to try some home remedies first

Anyone who has tried something to clear dark spots and really work?

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Answer by Mi5syM
Egg Yolk, brush it on your skin and let it dry and then wash it off. Works okay and does take awhile to see results. I had bad acne as a teen and then when I had my children I had acne badly through pregnancy and my skin was all spotty and the scar marks were brownish in color. I started with the egg yolk as I found that in an article in one of my magazines but I wanted something a bit more effective. I used this botanical-based cream day and night and it erased them within 2 months! My skin looks fabulous! We went to Florida in June and I got a bad sunburn and had these sunspots all over my hands and shoulder so I put this on them and they went away within days! The bottle is about half empty and I have had it for about 8 months. It repairs damage to the skin.

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Home remedies for dark circles under the eyes include drinking lots of water to rehydrate the body, sitting in the sun for just a few minutes to soak in some vitamin D and applying cucumber slices over the eyes for 20 minutes to reduce puffiness. Eliminate the look of dark circles with information from a practicing cosmetologist in this free video on makeup. Expert: Chelsea Bagozzi Contact: Bio: Chelsea Bagozzi owns Suburban Heresy, which is a company dedicated to the instruction of makeup and how to apply it. Filmmaker: Michael Burton offers a short video setting out some easy home remedies for dark circles under eyes that may be equally as effective as ready-made remedies. Test some of our tips and if this video has made you want to find out more, visit our internet site where you can find more home remedies, reviews of effective non-prescription treatment products together with tips on where you can get them at the best prices online as well as advice and information concerning medical and dermatologist treatments for under eye circles.

Question by : Any home remedies for getting rid of bags and dark circles under the eyes?
i wake up every morning and there are bags under my eyes from not much sleep. I normally go to bed at 12 or 11 because i can’t sleep, and my mum won’t let me use the eye roll on because they use harsh chemicals which can damage my skin, so does anyone have any home remedies they could share !!!
Thank you !! 🙂 xx

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Answer by TryTruth
Yes, an old tradition is to use dipped, cold tea bags, just lie down and put them on your eyes. Or same thing with cucumber slices.

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