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Wil Wheaton talks about his experiences with depression and anxiety during the 2012 Project for Awesome live chat. He is responding to Kaytaaay’s video about… | Amy is the author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists: Effective Practices for Mood Management, as well as founding director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, Amy has been a pioneer in the field of yoga and mental health for over twenty years. Amy leads workshops and professional trainings at academic and psychology conferences internationally at such venues as the Boston University Graduate School of Psychology, and the University of Arizona Medical School. Amy is also involved in on-going research on the effects of yoga on depression, anxiety and emotional stability. Certainly Amy has the background and credentials to be talking about how to deal with depression and anxiety but why I really wanted Amy on the show is because she struggled with depression for many years herself and found her way off medication and out of depression.

Question by olivia2589: How can I be motivated to exercise despite depression?
I have depression, and I find that as much as I want to exercise and lose weight, I am having a difficult time getting motivated due to my depression. Exercise does help me feel better and help with my depression, but does anyone have any tips on getting motivated in the beginning and continuing an exercise routine even when feeling discouraged?

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Answer by fitman
Treat it like a decision which it is.

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If you feel gloomy, worn out or disconnected nearly every day for two years or more, you may be suffering from Chronic Depression. Learn more at:
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Question by Kassidy: What are some natural remedies that work for mild depression?
I have mild depression and I don’t want to take prescription meds. I know they help some people but I want to try some natural remedies.

Which remedies/herbs/vitamins work well?

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Answer by youngin

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Question by steven k: What natural remedies can I take for Depression?
I am a 40 yr old male with clinical depression and anxiety. Currently, I am under a physicians care and on prescription medication.However, I heard certain foods and natural remedies can help with emotions and endorphins. I want to eat healthier and live fairly close by to Whole Foods Supermarket?Can anyone help me?

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Answer by natpractitioner
One of the most important things you can do to help yourself is to exercise regularly. Studies have shown that it is very effective in helping people with depression [check pubmed for more info].

As far as diet, eat more raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains than meat or milk products. Eat whole grains instead of white and cut out all processed foods as much as possible.

Good luck.

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Mental Health Depression

Mental health is extremely about how we have a tendency to think and feel concerning ourselves and the globe around us, and regarding how we tend to behave and interact with others in our daily basis lives. It is not straightforward to outline specifically what it suggests that to own sensible mental health as individuals will interpret what it means that to be mentally healthy in numerous ways. On the opposite hand, there are some signs and symptoms that can indicate when someone incorporates a mental health problem, when their mental functions don’t seem to be performing with they might, and we see evidence of alternations in their thinking and behaviour.

Take depression for instance, although there is no set pattern and each person will be affected differently; there are some straightforward clues that we can look out for.

What it means to be depressed
Depression is a lot more than feeling a touch tired of something and down within the dumps, that is one thing we have a tendency to all expertise once in a while and could be a natural part of the ups and downs of life.

To be clinically depressed means that we cannot simply shake off our low mood and acquire on with our lives, the depression persists and starts to interfere with our traditional daily routines and we have a tendency to will now not relish activities and pastimes that was pleasurable.

o We have a tendency to might find it hard to urge up within the morning to go to work or faculty, and we could have issue obtaining to sleep in the dead of night and once we do get to sleep, our sleep might be disturbed
o Our relationships with family, friends and work colleagues will suffer and our self esteem might be low and we have a tendency to don’t feel good enough
o We could find ourselves worrying constantly and feeling anxious and panicky for no specific reason
o Our eating patterns will modification and we have a tendency to might see fluctuations in our weight as we have a tendency to might eat a heap additional or lose our appetite
o Perhaps we have a tendency to are tearful and cry a ton, or we could find we have a tendency to cannot get in bit with our emotions and feel numb and unable to specific our emotion
o Some of us might become additional aggressive and hostile or irritable for no real reason
o Life may appear too tough and thus we struggle to address even minor tasks
o We may feel guilty and deserve blame and punishment
o Our memory and concentration might not be as smart as it absolutely was and we find it a lot of and additional tough to form selections
o Other physical symptoms such as headaches, and varied alternative aches and pains could convince us that we have something else wrong with us

Regardless of the different ways in which that some of these symptoms can have an effect on us, the most factors that time to depression are the same.

Major depression is likely to be diagnosed if the symptoms of depression have persisted for additional than two weeks in the course of low moods and a lack of enjoyment in pursuits that were once enjoyed and the symptoms are severe enough to interfere with traditional daily routines and activities.
Who gets depressed?

No one is aware of why some individuals become depressed and not others and there is no single known cause of depression either. Depressive episodes will be triggered by biochemical, genetic, psychological, environmental and social factors or a combination of these. What’s known is that bound groups of folks appear more at risk of developing depression than others. These include the long term sick and disabled, those in poor living conditions, those with a history of depression in the family, the homeless, ethnic minorities and folks in prison. Typically life circumstances can trigger an episode of depression such as redundancy, retirement, divorce, bereavement, issues at work or money difficulties.
However, nobody is proof against depression and someone can develop a depressive disorder whether or not they’re not considered at larger risk. The fact is that any reasonably mental health drawback and depression can strike any one of us at any time of our lives.

Getting well again
One in every of the largest barriers to recovery for somebody littered with depression or indeed any mental health problem may be a reluctance to seek help. Several people are petrified of admitting that they can’t cope and thus try and cater to it on their own but the symptoms are unlikely to only disappear and can continue probably for years without applicable facilitate and treatment.

Any reasonably mental health drawback will be an intensely isolating experience because the individual involved cannot facilitate how they’re feeling so the understanding and support of family and friends will be of enormous facilitate for someone struggling to cope with their depression. However, the most vital thing to recollect is that depression is treatable and it is also fairly common.

Your doctor is the best person to advise you on what treatment choices are on the market as she or he can be in a position to form full medical assessment in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and can take into consideration any alternative contributory factors that may would like dealt with. Sometimes, treatment can consist of medication and maybe some kind of talking therapy or a combination of both.

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