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Dog Diarrhea Natural Remedies – 3 Natural Remedies

Dogs love to scavenge that is why your pet dog is prone to diarrhea after eating something bad. When your dog gets diarrhea start treating it immediately and fast. The good news is that you do not need to spend so much as dog diarrhea natural remedies are readily available at your own home.

1. Probiotics

Dogs have healthy stomachs when the number of good and bad bacteria inside are in a balance. And when this balance is ruined it usually causes several digestive ailments in dogs. The most common isĀ  diarrhea. We can therefore conclude that bringing the balance between bad bacteria and good bacteria will cure diarrhea. This is where probiotics can really help. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria usually taken when bad bacteria has outnumbered the good ones in the stomach. This is one of the dog diarrhea natural remedies that makes use of canines’ natural resistance to stomach issues.


Bland Foods

One of the dog diarrhea natural remedies is feeding bland foods to your dog. This is to help your dog recuperate and gain nutrients that will help in its recovery. This is because your dog will not be able to eat what it usually eat prior to having diarrhea. Bland foods are light to your dogs stomach, the same way it is to you when you also have diarrhea. It also allows your dog to slowly adjust back to its usual diet.

3. Water. Lots of Water

No other natural remedy for diarrhea is better than rehydration. Since diarrhea causes a lot of fluid loss in both humans and dogs, it is only important to keep replenishing the body with water. Drinking higher amounts than normal will prevent your dog from becoming too weak and sickly due to fluid loss.

Give your dog water everytime its diarrhea makes it defecate liquid feces. Actually, the first remedy to give your dog when it has diarrhea is a water diet. No food for 12 to 24 hours, only water, lots of water.

These dog diarrhea natural remedies capitalize on your dog’s natural recuperation. This is accomplished by providing enough water, nutrients and balance between good and bad stomach bacteria. Carefully monitor yourself so that you can provide these three essential needs of your dog when it suffers from diarrhea. As long as these three are provided your dog’s diarrhea will disappear naturally and effectively. But if the symptoms persist it is time to consult a veterinarian.

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