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Question by Kansari 0: what different all religion say about Greediness?
what different all religion say about Greediness?

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Answer by KEYS
It’s one of the seven deadly sins, for one

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Question by dudette: what are the different health risk factors?
this for my health subject

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Answer by Angelati
Sigh. Give more details. How are we supposed to know what you are talking about! What health risk factors? From what? There is thousands if it’s just health. Drugs, Diseases, Sickness, Bacteria, Accidents.Viruses.Mental Damaga.

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Question by Adrian Matterson: What are the different possible futures for health care?
It’s obvious our health care needs some sort of change.

What do you think are plausible changes one could make– what are the different options people are debating about? I know there’s the idea of single-payer or creating universal health care for only those that are uninsured, but are there any other options being discussed?

Also, what’s your preference, and why?

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Answer by Bad Wolf
Private Insurance. Let Americans exercises their own good judgment and free choice.

Everyone should receive a tax credit up to “X” amount to pay/subsidize this insurance. The credit can be claimed as a deduction on their W4 so the government never takes the money and it remains with the taxpayer.

The next step will be to reduce the costs. Tort reform is necessary to stop the outrageous malpractice suits. Each doctor can pay 100’s of thousands a year in insurance alone. Also the cost of regulatory compliance needs to be reduced.

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Question by image of nothing: Philosophy Paper! Do you think your mind and body are two different things?
Basically—want your opinion; do you think your mind and body are considered two different things or that they are connected? If so, then how; and which would you more relate to in Dualism?

1.Interactionism: Mental changes causes bodily actions,etc.
2.Parallelism: Like a movie; mental/physical events are parallel. “Pre-established harmony”
3.Ocassionalism: God must intervene to cause the body to obey.

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Answer by elmri14
Every cell of your body talk to each other in balance to your frame of mind….pos or neg

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Question by We Trod Upon You: How is taxing people to pay for health insurance different than taxing to pay for retiree’s health insurance?
Why are the right wingers squawking that mandatory taxes to fund health care are “unConstitutional” yet we all are forced to pay taxes every day to fund the Medicare health insurance program for retirees? What’s the difference?

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Answer by FLSwampBoy
No difference.

It’s just that Obama did it instead of the other side.

All of the components of the new health care law had been supported by both sides over the years.

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Question by Sue: What are the different types of exercise?
I always here about aerobics exercise. I assume there are more. So I am wondering what else there is. If you could give me a name and an example that would be great. Thanks.

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Answer by Miss Easly

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Question by Kimmy: How is a regular exercise bike different than a spinning bike?
The buzz lately is that you can burn about 500 calories, tone up and lose weight quickly by exercising for only 30 minutes on a spinning bike.

I have a regular exercise bike and cannot afford a spinning bike or classes. Would I be able to achieve the same results by exercising for 30 minutes a day on my exercise bike?

Please explain to me the difference between the two bikes and how they work differently to give different results?

Best answer:

Answer by wle atlanta
that would be the rough equivalent of cycling at 28,5 mph on a road bike

i doubt you can put out that much effort

that;s like racing, tour de france kind of speed

so i doubt the buzz

secondly, i can;t see that there is any difference between an exercise bike and a spin bike….

on the other hand, see this..


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Question by Psalm 139: How is religion different from any other consumer product on the market?
Each religion competes with other religions, many claim a monopoly on God or Truth.

There are many brands of religion. Protestantism itself has spawned literally thousands of brands through product differentiation.

Religion also competes with all other goods and services available in the market for the time and money of consumers. It’s not surprising then that many religions are against the consumption of other consumer goods besides the religion itself.

People use religion to enhance their lifestyle, just like any other product. Many use their association with their particular religious brand in the same way they use the brands of cars and clothing, to form and present a certain self-image.

Like many products, certain religions rely heavily on advertising. Many religions even require or strongly encourage members to advertise to their social network. The techniques that are used are seen in every commercial: this product will take away your worries, give you a feeling of security, strength your relationships, give you more friends, etc. Of course the people who buy the product and have absolute brand loyalty will claim that their product is not only the best, but the only one that will truly satisfy your needs.

Fundamentally, how is religion different from any other consumer product on the market?
So religion is more like an investment product, in that it is made to create a feeling of a secure future (afterlife)?
You pay for the religion through an advertising agreement at least, as well as brand loyality at the exclusion of other brands. That doesn’t count as free.

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Answer by Wabble Wouzer
The only real difference is the majority of the benefits of it come after you’re dead, for the most part. Given, a funeral home or life insurance would be playing at similar aspects but religion is all about addressing you after you’ve done and got dead.

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Question by pewerka82: If the mind and body are essentially different substances, how can there be any causal connection between them?
I have to write an essay on above question and I need some ideas. Thank you.
Dualists, Idealists, and Materialists have proposed different solutions
to the Mind-Body Problem. Though you may agree with one of these
solutions, I’d like you to propose your own solution to this problem.

Best answer:

Answer by tizzoseddy
I find few things as mysterious as this question. First of all I don’t see the mind as a substance; I see the mind as a set of concepts, not matter and/or energy. I’m not familiar with any of the solutions that you mention. I don’t have a clear theory of my own, but my general feeling is that (hang on, I’ll be back on my next break)

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