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Question by Jewels: Is higher functioning autism or Asperger syndrome also considered a mental health disorder?
I was just wondering if hgher functioning autism or Asperger syndrome also a mental health disorder. I know by experience that smetimes there are tmeper meltdowns from schedule changes, sensory or social overload overload, or being hungry. I also know thatpeople with autism can have a temper meltdown from wanting to do things hes obssesed with likeeat food if he is obssesed with food, or will act up for something of his interests he really ants. I know that meltdowns are behaviors, and certain behaviors ae mental halth argets for instance. An example of a meltdown is I have Asperger syndrome and sometimes I lose if i am hungry but do not like a certain food, or if my boyfriend does not come on time, or if t dnner plans are changed. P.S. I have an obsession with my boyfriend. My brother also has autism and he acts up way more than me over his obsession. Food, witch craft, wizardry and werewolves are his obsessions either though I keep telling him that stuff is fake. .

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Answer by Lifeline
yes. Hi Jewels, obsessive behavior requires you to not get too involved, too hanged up on the cause of the obsession so take it easy on your affection/love towards you bf by just not being too needy for him..tell yourself positive things about him when he is late “he probably was taking a long shower and just forgot the time” or something like that.

Why is your brother obsessed with witchcraft, wizards, etc? as in likes them or fears them “I keep telling him that stuff is fake” I am assuming he fears them. if so, have him focus on their fakeness. Or get a preacher come over to speak with him and to gift him a cross–to protect him so he can have a ‘fighting chance” against his iron-grip fear of these concerns.

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Active Minds speaker Colleen Coffey on her story growing up with a mental health disorder. Protect and promote children’s mental health:
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An introduction to my new series, Eveything Bipolar. In this series I am going to talk about my experiences with Bipolar type II, my journey to a diagnoses, my time spent in psychiatric hospital wards and what exactly Bipolar disorder does. I hope to raise awareness about Bipolar and Mental illness through making these videos. In this first video I explain what exactly Bipolar disorder is. Make sure you check out my friend Krisscouture’s videos on her Mental health issues:
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Question by 2×2: What percent of substance abusers have a mental health disorder?
I’m doing a mental health project for school, so I need this ASAP!

If you have any other interesting facts I could use about mental health/ mental health disorders, that would be great!

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Answer by detoxifeyed
You got it. Most of the people that are homeless have a mental disorder and most of them use alcohol or drugs. These people have to overcome their addictions before they can work on their real problems and deal with their disorders. It would be nice if people could just be recreational users, but they become addicts because of their emotional and psychological issues.

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What is Paranoid Personality Disorder? (Mental Health Guru)

Paranoid personality disorder, or PPD, is a psychiatric condition in which a person is very suspicious and distrustful of others. See More:
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