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Comedian Howie Mandel opens up about living with his OCD and ADHD, and addresses the stigma behind mental health.

Question by L.L.: Why don’t Vegans Exercise?
Is it true that most Vegans don’t exercise?
I seen someone say that on here before. Is it true? I exercise and I’m going to be a Vegan, Is it bad or something?

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Answer by Patricia M
I know one that’s a runner.

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Question by nuggets: Why don’t westerners use natural remedies for health problems?
In some parts of the world they use natural remedies to cure you for MANY things. You heal fast. These things are not available in the US. They are all man made. Why?

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Answer by Larry
Because most of them don’t work.

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In this video, I discuss how to talk to your family and friends who may be in denial about your mental illness — or simply do not believe you at all. I have experienced this personally, and what I have learned is: some people you can reason with, and others you can’t. Here are some tips on how to deal with family in denial, and when to move on from those who won’t understand, no matter what you do. Like me on Facebook: Check out my blog: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram:

Question by : What are some free mental health related hotlines that don’t require one to be suicidal or in a major crisis?
Every hotline that I’ve found so far has been about suicide prevention. I need to talk to somebody from the mental health industry and the important thing is that its NOW. What do I dial?

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Answer by Rohan
0800 83 85 97, Breathing space is a place you can call when you are feeling down (and not necessarily suicidal)

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Question by : Which natural remedies work and which natural remedies don’t work?
It seems like everybody is going natural these days and using natural remedies instead of synthetic remedies to prevent and treat a variety of canine parasites and diseases. Have you tried any of these remedies? Which ones worked and which ones didn’t work?

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Answer by Love a Poodle not a Cavoodle
Planting lavendar in your garden can deter fleas from your yard.
We had a bad infestation when we moved into our new place. We treated the house but couldn’t get them out of the yard.
Planted some lavendar bushes in each corner and now we are flea free (we still use monthly flea prevention too of coarse)

Could have been co-incidence but it worked for us!

Another one that worked for a friend of mine whos dog was having seizures was feeding green beans daily.
Sounds kooky but she weaned him off the meds he was on and fed the beans daily and he hasn’t had a seizure for years.

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We Dont Need No Education

Pink Floyd – We Dont Need No Education
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Penn Jillette on the Piers Morgan Tonight show Piers Morgan’s argument from ignorance: You can’t explain it, therefore my religion somehow becomes right.
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