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Question by Unknown: What are some home remedies to take off facial dark spots?
I got rid of my main acne problems
But now, I have scars and dark spots :S
It really sucks

I have smooth skin, no acne
But just dark spots that don’t go away.

Before I go find a real product to clear it
I want to try some home remedies first

Anyone who has tried something to clear dark spots and really work?

Best answer:

Answer by Mi5syM
Egg Yolk, brush it on your skin and let it dry and then wash it off. Works okay and does take awhile to see results. I had bad acne as a teen and then when I had my children I had acne badly through pregnancy and my skin was all spotty and the scar marks were brownish in color. I started with the egg yolk as I found that in an article in one of my magazines but I wanted something a bit more effective. I used this botanical-based cream day and night and it erased them within 2 months! My skin looks fabulous! We went to Florida in June and I got a bad sunburn and had these sunspots all over my hands and shoulder so I put this on them and they went away within days! The bottle is about half empty and I have had it for about 8 months. It repairs damage to the skin.

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