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Question by Katie: How to get rid of pimples fast using home remedies?
I just had a real prominent pimple on my forehead and I got a trip on monday. Please can someone help me get rid of this using home remedies..something that is easily available at home.
PS: I use acnelak lotion and soap, it’s affective but it’s slow.

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Answer by Simi
Wash regularly and it helps clear out your nose so much. do that up to 4 times a day. since your nose sounds worse than your throat, might be best just to snort the salt water instead of gargle it. and snort only a little less than a spoonful at a time. it does not hurt, but its not pleasant.

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Question by Kathy: I am looking for home remedies for acne that work fast or overtime?
I have acne and I’ve tried a lot of creams that are sold, and they help to some degree, but I want to try home remedies. I’ve looked tons up, but I hear most home remedies are myths. Any suggestions that worked for you?

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Answer by Bibby
Diluted tea tree oil can work as an astringent and/or Lemon juice as a toner.
Both can be applied to the face gently with cotton balls, preferably at night (both liquids can have a somewhat strong smell).

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