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What the U.S. education system can learn from the developing world: Adam Braun at TEDxUNLV

Adam Braun is the Founder of Pencils of Promise, an award-winning organization that has built more than 150 schools across Africa, Asia and Latin America. PoP was founded with just using…

What the U.S. Can Learn About Health Care from Other Countries

Sen. Bernie Sanders holds a Senate hearing on health care systems around the world.

Betal leaf,pepper & honey are effective Home Remedies to cure Asthma. This video shows how we use some home ingredients as Ayurvedic therapy for Asthma.

Candace Pert, PhD, taken from Healing and the Mind with Bill Moyers.
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Visit: Elissa Epel, UCSF health psychologist looks at social and psychobiological difficulties involved with caregiving and offers prac…
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What does the future of education look like? One where the student play an active role in their education through an interactive, personalized, and continuou…

In Day 8, we learned about the importance of Belief and Confidence. Today, we are going to cover a very important area, learning from your mistakes. If you a…

Mike Sartain from Millionaire Matchmaker on Self Improvement & Motivation - Uncut - Part 1

Millionaire Michael Sartain from Millionaire Matchmaker reveals his secrets on getting girls, his crazy stories with Playboy and Maxim models, tells us how h…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 This executive development program prepares fast-track leaders to move from mastery of one focused area to success in a broader ro…
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Question by Nani Tiya: favourite from of exercise. in esay?
favourite from of exercise.

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Answer by mushtaq_ahmad43
Exercise is a favorite habit. You can write essay on exercise. First say that one should get up early. After completing necessary jobs, one should go for walk in the garden. You also inhale fresh air in t he garden which is very much beneficial for health and if the exercise is added to the walk, it gives you very much benefits. You can write as many words as possible on this essay Good lUCK

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