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Question by Adrian Matterson: What are the different possible futures for health care?
It’s obvious our health care needs some sort of change.

What do you think are plausible changes one could make– what are the different options people are debating about? I know there’s the idea of single-payer or creating universal health care for only those that are uninsured, but are there any other options being discussed?

Also, what’s your preference, and why?

Best answer:

Answer by Bad Wolf
Private Insurance. Let Americans exercises their own good judgment and free choice.

Everyone should receive a tax credit up to “X” amount to pay/subsidize this insurance. The credit can be claimed as a deduction on their W4 so the government never takes the money and it remains with the taxpayer.

The next step will be to reduce the costs. Tort reform is necessary to stop the outrageous malpractice suits. Each doctor can pay 100’s of thousands a year in insurance alone. Also the cost of regulatory compliance needs to be reduced.

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