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Question by : What are home remedies for genital herpes?
I am 7 days into my first outbreak. I just started taking medication yesterday. It burns and stings. It also seems like they are spreading. Is this normal? How long will my outbreak last? And do you know of any home remedies u can try?

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Answer by John
I haven’t had sex in 8+ months I didn’t have oral sex, a hand job, a kiss, nothing. I was in the hospital for a while and after I got out I noticed I had a genital herpes outbreak, which is super disturbing, psychologically more than physically to me.

You’re not alone, I’m curious to know if there is anything that can help. I was putting Adapalene on my penis. It’s some sort of Acne cream., and it seemed to help. Steroid cream did nothing, antibiotics did nothing since it’s a virus.

I’m not sure if putting Adapalene is even safe, so I wouldn’t suggest that, and it’s prescription as far as I know.

I’m curious about Asian remedies for this or remedies from South America etc. There have been cultures dealing with this longer than caucasian people.

Perhaps there is some sort of chinese herb or mixture of herbs that you can turn into an oil or something and place on the lesions?

I’d look into it if I were you, or if you have money, see a naturopathic doctor. Just find one that isn’t a complete quack (which can be hard) I don’t really believe in that stuff, but I would be open to it if I had the money, and knew of an honest one who was knowledgeable.

All I can say is good luck, and welcome to the club 🙁

And do the world a favor and don’t spread this around. Whoever spread it to us, was a dick, and either knew about it and didn’t care or didn’t know. Be honest with people, use condoms. I know I will never sleep with someone unprotected again.

I was good for 27 years, and finally have been hit with this thing I have been avoiding for so long, at a time of my life I am the least sexually active, how ironic eh?

Good luck hun!

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