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Question by sphinx: What are the goals of traditional early childhood education in uganda?
What are the goals of traditional early childhood education in Uganda? I need to know more about the goals and practice of traditional early childhood education in Uganda. I’ve searched everywhere on the internet but i can’t find the answer. Please help.

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Answer by Cat
I’m not sure about traditional early childhood, I’d guess that it would be Letters, numbers, shapes and colors. However I’m aware that in reality children are capable of learning far more than these simple things. I’ve three kids, four, two, and one. All of them are in the process of learning how to read, my four year old is already doing so for most words. They all know their shapes, colors, and numbers, and have an extensive knowledge for science. Their knowledgeable on many different kinds of science including how our body fights bacteria, dinosaurs and fossils, the digestive system, energy, cells, amphibians, the table of elements, and this month we’re learning about different kinds of microbes.
It’s true that if you teach children when their young they’ll learn quicker. So don’t limit their education to what you ‘think’ their capable of learning. Because in truth, their capable of anything they put their mind to.
The secret is to get them interested by presenting the knowledge to them in an entertaining way.
Music, videos, flip charts, if it interests you, it’ll probably interest them. ^.^ Good luck.

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