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An exclusive clip of Bad Religion performing “Wrong Way Kids” from Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV. See an all new episode on June 25th, at 10pm ET/PT on D…
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Guitar Finger Exercise Guaranteed to Improve Speed and Accuracy

A finger exercise for guitar designed to greatly improve speed, accuracy, and finger independence. For more exercises like this, please check out this webpag…

Dexterity Exercises 1 - Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

This guitar lesson vid shows you how to improve your fretboard technique with finger dexterity exercises! It shows you the chords, technique and style. Go to…
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The eleventh of 15 videos and over 2 hours of footage following Ben Crowe at as he builds a custom guitar from start to finish. The new guitar is pretty much in one piece now and it is time to make the solid padouk backplate that will be recessed into the body. Now, the fun really begins, the guitar is still in its ‘slab’ form and is rather boring so Ben gets out the angle grinder and sanding disks and starts carving the bookmatched bubinga top into a traditional Les Paul type shape. When carving a guitar touch is as important as sight and you’ll see Ben caress the instrument constantly throughout the process The neck carving is pretty scary to watch but you would be surprised just how precise you can be with such a large, and noisy, tool. As with most bespoke guitars built at Crimson Guitars the body is carved with ergonomics in mind and there is an ‘all-access’ neck joint.. needless to say the dust flies!

Beginner Guitar Lessons - Finger Dexterity Exercise

This is perhaps the most important exercise to learn and practice for guitar and an excellent warm up for guitarists of any level. If you find my videos useful and would like to send a paypal donation, you may send one to guitar101(at)gmail(dot)com
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