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Question by r_l_h_959: what hobby or activity should i do to keep my mind AND body healthy?
What hobby or activity should i do to keep my mind AND body healthy? I am 50 and looking for ideas. I am in good healthy. I just have bad knees.

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Answer by N G
Swing dancing. (or another sort of partner dancing) Some are very easy on the knees, and it helps your mind because you’re remembering all these new steps. I’m 23 and I’ve noticed my memory, ability to copy actions, and coordination improving a lot.

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Question by dum41: How do I make a good “Healthy mind, body and spirit” poster?
So I want to enter this contest for Youth Week, though I don’t have any ideas. I have break dancer friends, so I figure I could use them somehow. Ideas?

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Answer by ss
bit lost on this but i figure that if you can scan one or several friends in break dance positions and make a composite where words come out , in different font,, sort of like broken and graffiti saying things like…. healthy mind, freedom of body,, drug free… dance like the wind.. add lines, arrows, numeral signs etc

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