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Question by Raven: How exactly does cardiovascular exercise help you burn fat?
How exactly does cardiovascular exercise help you burn fat? What is your body going through when you’re doing cardio?

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Answer by malica
Doing cardio exercise requires a lot of energy. If you haven’t increased your food intake to make up for your body’s increased need for energy, it will go to its energy reserves – your body fat. Body fat has always been your body’s way of storing any excess energy (calories) you eat for later (in case of famine for example, or just between hunts).

The same mechanism comes in to play if you eat less. Your body still needs more energy than it has available from food, so it’ll convert your fat back to energy to make up the deficit.

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Question by :: kitty ::: What kind of exercise will help make my period shorter and end quicker?
They say exercise can make your period shorter…I got mine at the worst time today and need it gone in a couple of days. What KIND of exercise can I do to make it lighter/end faster??

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Answer by Janine D
To be honest I don’t think that is possible. I used to think that too, if I exercised while on my period it would end sooner. Female athlete’s or just athletic women experience shorter periods because of their daily physical activities and metabolism I think. However, in most cases with women who have a higher estrogen level their periods last anywhere from 5 to 10 days. Studies show our periods should only last 2 or 3 days.

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Question by keylogga13: Could I go TDY in the Air Force to help build schools in Africa?
I am in the Air Force. I want to go to Africa through an accredited organization to help build schools. It’s on my own, but I’ve heard of people going TDY for personal reasons such as running a marathon somewhere because it’s considered self-improvement. Could I go TDY to accomplish this instead of taking leave? It will only be for about a month. Any info greatly appreciated.

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Answer by gregster
if such an event were available, you’d have to correlate this through your supervision on up to your cc. i wouldn’t have your hopes set too high.

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Question by Whisper: What natural remedies can help relive the pain?
I have Epstein Barr and migraines fibromyalgia abdominal migraines and sciatica I’m fourteen and NSAIDs and Tylenol don’t help what are some natural remedies that can help with the pain me and my prents are running out of ideas and the doctors wont help so please give me a list of at least twenty ideas that can help all the pain I am having thank you
I also have ulcers so please consider this in your list

Best answer:

Answer by jmitw
if you have active epstein barr….you can’t be diagnosed with fms….were you diagnosed with fms before the epstein barr? how long before?

have the doctors tried neuro based prescriptions like anti seizure meds and snri? if not they are complete idiots…

stomach ulcers are commonly caused by a bacteria..have you been treated for that…if you are taking anything like prilosec—that causes vitamin deficiencies–and pain and fatigue..

how do you know the difference between the ‘abdominal migraine’ and the ulcers…they both cause stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting….

why do you trust the diagnoses if the doctors won’t help? chance are that the diagnoses are wrong to…you need to educate yourself and try to confirm or refute the diagnoses yourselffms is real, but it is actually is HIGHLY overdiagnosed…i know 4 others that were diagnosed with it–NONE really had it (confirmed that they were misdiagnosed)..most people have something else—some are not physically ill at all.

even when you supposedly had all the tests (there are hundreds if not thousands of possible tests and docs often miss positive results in tests they do) and even when you have been to multiple so called specialists…most get it wrong…

doctors have missed a number of things that should have been noticed it tests..severe OA in an xray was missed by 4 doctors over 2 years until I pointed it out…they just kept telling me they didn’t see a fracture…there is something seriously wrong with my knee–its been injured 3 times—including keep telling me nothing is wrong….i lost the vision in my left eye due to optic nerve damage when I was 5—went to the eye doctor every year–never noticed –and he came highly recommended–a new doc when I was 13 noticed..the damage was easily seen…last June I had a positive blood test result–doc blew it off..September I started getting sicker…January I couldn’t function anymore—i kept researching and found the results were significant–made the appointment with the specialists–and got better 2.5 weeks later after suffering for 6 months because the doc missed an important blood test result..IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME

they use fms as a general label for pain…even if they know the pain is due to another condition such as Lymes or MS….or when they are too lazy to put any effort into finding a diagnosis..It is NOT a general label for pain.

one major issue is hypothyroid or other thyroid issues…..the in range number is too high–people actually have hypothyroid symtpoms at 3.0….but that is supposedly normal.

there are many other things they miss vitamin d deficiency/iron deficiency anemia, b12, lymes (look up lyme literate MD), ms, chiari malformation, celiac, etc

FMS is NOT a thyroid issue, cervical spine issue, dehydration…There is NO inflammation with fms. It is NOT due to a vitamin deficiency.

i deal with it my educating myself and being open to the possibility it is something else—continuing to research any lead–even though I have been to 2 top specialists and am mentioned in a book on a medical study I was in..and 12 years of research seems to indicate that the diagnosis is correct

MANY people on here have clearly described a condition other than FMS, but have been diagnosed with it…. even after going to a number of ‘experts’
personal experience, extensive research, meeting with 2 top respected researchers, participating in research…people who choose to remain ignorant get what they deserve

OA is localized to my foot and is a result of an injury 10 years after fms symptoms started.
The knee issue started with an injury 8 YEARS after the fms symptoms and is also a localized issue
I had EXCELLENT results on thyroid tests for years prior to actually developing the condition…so I can be sure that wasn’t the problem for the previous 30+ years I had fms symptoms. Even though the thyroid is ‘better’ I still have severe fms symptoms…for example, the other day, it was very painful just using my muscles to turn pages…
….if you find out they are may find a treatment that works.

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Question by : How does religion help shape your views of the past?
I feel that religion leads people to different conclusions about the past. There is just one true history; many varied perspectives, though, are formed (partly by religion) about the same history. In what way does religion shape your views about the past?

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Answer by Sean
Keep moving forward.too many religions nowa days they say our religion is wrong we say theirs is wrong.the only reason were in this religion is cause our parents.what makes ours more right then theirs.its best to not put urself in a religion.but be open and take the good teachings out of various religions to better yourself as a being.i beleive something made us.somewhere in space.

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