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Question by midwestsportsfancollegeguy: What are the health benefits of self-improvement hypnosis?

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Answer by Nevada Pokerqueen
You get in touch with your sub-conscious. Over the years we bury many many things in our sub-minds. We dont remember them and we keep pushing them down further.
Then we have disorders: sleep, eatting, depression
And we do not know why. The answer is in our locked minds. By opening up the mind we find the answers we need to change our lives for the better.

I am taking a self-discovery class right now. We are taught to get in touch with our feelings and how to grow spiritually.
Want to change your life you have to work on the ten commandments to a good life:
hope, love, faith, understanding, compassion, tolerance, patience, wisdom, forgiveness, courage.

Work on these if you want to improve yourself. Life is what you make it. Hynosis helps bring out the real you. We step out from behind the many masks we wear (perfect mother, perfect wife, pretty girl, strong, in control, shy, smart etc).
Then we can see the TRUE person we are.

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Certified Longview hypnotist Mike Augustine says he won’t make you cluck like a chicken, but he might be able to help clients make positive personal changes….
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Victoria Gallagher explains why use hypnosis, giving an understanding of the difference between what your subconscious mind and your conscious mind is used for.