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Question by Bruce Leeroy: Exercises to improve my drumming speed?
what are some exercises to improve my speed?

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Answer by Connor (soul man)

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Guitar Finger Exercise Guaranteed to Improve Speed and Accuracy

A finger exercise for guitar designed to greatly improve speed, accuracy, and finger independence. For more exercises like this, please check out this webpag…

✪ Natural Vision Improvement Exercise : How To Improve Eyesight Fast And Naturally ✪

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Question by Chiba: What can I do to make improve myself?
I’m trying to do a lot of self-improvement with my life lately. I’m trying to become more patient, less talkative, quiet, gentle, loving, caring, kind, wise, and mature. I’ve read some books on being a woman after God’s own heart, but I want to know more about growing up and what I need to change in my life to make how I feel about others consistent with how I treat them.
What are somethings you’ve found helpful in this area?

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Answer by Yetis Exist Continuously
Wear an elephant hat every morning.

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Question by Maizey: What can somebody do to improve their mental health?
What factors should one consider when they are attempting to improve their mental health.
For example if somebody is struggling with long term unemployment?

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Answer by Olivia Rose
One factor to consider is to know and understand what type of mental illness you may have, some being with you for life while others you may manage to get past. If you don’t have any particular illness and you’re going through a terrible time, such as long term unemployment, you may feel depressed and/or anxious but you may not actually be diagnosed as having it. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between if you have a mental illness or if you’re stressing due to a tough time.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with a mental illness but you think you may have a problem, try keeping your mind and body busy by doing things you enjoy and are interesting. Being close with family and friends is a good way to help yourself by being more involved in their lives. Online you can study about things/places you’ve always wondered about. Be good to yourself.

When trying to improve your mental health and you have been diagnosed with an illness(es) by a qualified physician be certain you take your medications properly. As I said earlier, some illnesses aren’t curable and they’re with you for life, but that’s not the end of the world. Psych medications have come a long way in the last several years and they really do help when you find the right ones for you.

Along with medications and therapy, don’t keep yourself hidden inside your house. It’s important to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine, maybe going for a walk or taking a trip somewhere for the day. Just basically keep yourself busy doing things you would like to do.

Hope this helps.

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Question by darakristi: What are some daily things to do to improve your mind, body, and soul.?
Okay, so I have a day planner and the days start tomorrow. I have almost nothing to put for each day. All I have is, ‘swim laps in pool, make shopping list, read book more, and bible study’… So, what are some things I can make a habbit for me to do, that’ll improve my health in my mind, body, and my soul♥ Thanks in advance!

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Answer by momsclinic
Feed your body well with healthy nutrients. Overall health improves when the body is nourished.

Try recipes here:

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