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A cartoon explanation of why we need a public health insurance option. Now that the health care bill has passed, my friend Andy Lubershane (the animator) has made another video about a topic…

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Learn the important terminology you’ll need to know to understand your health plan: Deductibles, copays, coinsurance and others are explained.
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This video discusses a huge problem that has been seen nationwide with the new Obamacare health plan (and it isn’t the Obamacare website). It is the fact tha…
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Application informational video on the Health Insurance Marketplace that opens October 1, 2013 for uninsured Missourians to purchase affordable health insura…
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Travel Health Insurance Tips

The CBC’s Aaron Saltzman looks at what you need to know before you buy travel health insurance.
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Question by rosey: health insurance ?
Whats a good and affordable health insurance in nashville tennessee
for a family like family pack

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Answer by Me
I would suggest going to and see if there is a list of health insurance companies by market share, but I am having trouble finding it. Look around and try find it, or tell them add it! Tell Leslie get on the ball.

Maybe these;

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
Celtic Ins. Co.
Golden Rule

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Question by Kate R: What constitutes a “serious mental health diagnosis” for medical insurance coverage?
My insurance/plan (Blue Shield of CA) will only cover psychotherapy for “serious mental health diagnoses”. I asked them on the phone if they could give me a list of what DSM-IV codes are considered serious, and they said I have to ask about a specific code and they’ll tell me yes or no. I wanted to know in advance so that if my mental health provider was debating between a few diagnoses, we could take into consideration which one would be covered. Does anyone have a list of codes that are generally considered serious mental health diagnoses by medical insurance companies?

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Answer by canada_winnipeg_man
A “serious mental health diagnosis” The bill states: “Severe mental illness is defined through diagnosis, disability and duration, and includes disorders with psychotic symptoms such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, manic depressive disorder, autism, as well as severe forms of other disorders such as major depression, panic disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder.”They may have suspected that something was not quite right with your mental health for years or your diagnosis may have come as a shock. Either way, in order to get the most out of any treatment insurance coverage plan you must first come to terms with how your mental illness will be apart of your life. No matter what official diagnosis you have been given, any mental illness is a life long struggle that can either consume your life or just become another facet of who you already are.
A trained medical professional will be able to give you further guidance. Good Luck & Take care as always!!!

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Question by CleverClash: Universal Health Insurance, Universal Health Care, National Health Insurance, Private Health Insurance?
What are the differences between:

– Universal Health Insurance
– Universal Health Care
– National Health Insurance
– Private Health Insurance
– Government Health Care
– State Health Care

I am especially confused with Universal Health Insurance vs. Universal Health Care.

Can you answer the question for each category in few sentences (not too much detail, but fluent explaination please)
and it would be great if you leave the source as well so i can look into it more. Thanks.

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Answer by lsA
Universal Health Insurance – implies that health insurance for everyone, not just for the ones that can afford it. It would be regulated by the federal government, so that everyone has access to care.

Universal Health Care – government-overseen health care system where medical care has nothing to do with making a profit, and everyone has access to medical attention that they need.

National Health Insurance – Not sure.

Private Health Insurance – is just as we Americans have now. Private insurance companies are like regular businesses that look for profit. Unfortunately, many times vital care is denied…

Government Health Care – this one sounds like military hospitals for soldiers, veterans, and family members.

State Health Care – don’t know this one….

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Question by mcarter283: What happens if you have health insurance through your job, then have to get new health insurance?
If you have health insurance with your employer then quit, how can you get new health insurance with your new employer because aren’t they going to see all your pre-existing history from your old insurance company?

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Answer by Johnny Friendly
If you get join your new employer’s health plan, they can’t exclude pre-existing conditions if it’s a group plan. They have to accept everybody. If you obtain any kind of health insurance within 60 days after leaving your job, by law the insurance company can’t deny coverage of pre-existing conditions.

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