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Question by Odin: What is the usefulness of an international public health degree? What are some jobs associated with this?
What is an international public health degree? What are some jobs associated with this degree?

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Answer by lefse2991
I’ve been trying to figure out more information on this subject as well. From what I’ve found I know that International public health deals with the general health and prevention/treatment of general populations mainly in underdeveloped countries. Whereas clinical health professionals deal with diagnosing and treating an individual who is sick (i.e. a doctor), international public health professionals work to determine how to advance the health of entire populations and prevent disease/epidemics. It’s a pretty broad discipline. You can work as an epidemiologist overseas, a health educator, a health policy advisor, a nutritionist or you could even go into the legal side of things and become a lawyer specializing in international health issues. There are lots and lots of other things you can do with an international public health degree.

For most positions you need a Masters degree such as a Masters of Public Health (MPH) or a Masters of Science in Public Health (MSPH). You can also get a Doctorate of Public Health (DrPH) or a PhD in Public Health (for a more research oriented career). I would recommend the below website for more in depth information on all aspects of public health.

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Education Jobs

Education jobs can vary widely in the most modern countries. The education jobs are usually found for primary, secondary, graduation and for higher studies. In each and every step the kind of responsibility one has to shoulder would be different. Apart from being an academician, education industry opens the door for much other kind of jobs as well.

And those jobs are also of tremendous responsibility and have to be performed with true dedication and passion. Usually in such places the work ambiance is very safe and secure so naturally one feels the urge of doing well.

There are many coordinating jobs which require the professional to see whether in an institute everything is running smooth or not. A curriculum coordinator will manage small to big tasks in any institute or school. So you see he or she must have a background in terms of qualifications in education.

The executive posts of dean and provosts are considered to be really prestigious.

It is held really highly. Apart from these there are posts of administrators and vice chancellors which are also very important and they are considered as posts of real responsibility actually.

But usually for such jobs apart from high qualifications a good amount of experience in the education industry is highly desired. Since these posts and positions are not only posts of academicians but also of an executive manager. So naturally if the person has got the qualification but has got not much experience in the field then it would be difficult for him to perform.

There have been many unfortunate souls who were forced to leave their job during the period of economic slump. More than the money, perhaps the passion matters to be associated with such a field and when situations force this dedicated individuals to leave their jobs, it becomes really difficult for them.

Fortunately many states have taken aid from the department of education in order to revive their system once again. And now again hopes are something, that are coming up in the minds of people. Not only new employees but the ones who were earlier employed but due to this predicament went unemployed for sometime will also be hired back.

Apart from these if you have a background in both education and marketing then there are executive education search firms that are badly in need of sales executive for education related work of the firm. They have to go around from one place to another convincing people of the education material provided by their company or organization being the best. They need to prepare the budget and weekly reports and for all this they need a strong background of both education and marketing.

The standard of education is being raised from the primary levels and this is the reason why skilled professionals and lecturers are required who can cater to the need of students and pupils studying at various levels. This industry is really opening its arms and inviting passionate people to apply for jobs.