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Question by Eros: What if it’s all just a dream and even your physical body is a dream?
just like it is in a dream? That we really exist in this higher dimension as consciousness and this is all just a big illusion that we will wake up from when we die and none of it really exists except for inside of our heads, we’ve all lived a thousand lives already and everyone in the world is merely a reflection of yourself that you created in your higher mind which exists outside of the mind/body in another dimension? Wouldn’t that be really strange?

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Answer by Roger That
Because we feel REAL pain.

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Question by Scorpio79: What keeps a person from going to prison or jail just to get a free education?
We all know that education is a big deal in jail nowadays. Im not even sure that they have to pay it back or not after they get out but I do know that it is offered. It seems unfair that criminals get a free education and those of us who are law abiding have to pay for it.

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Answer by Pat E
You may be able to get your education in jail but you will have a difficult time using it after you get out!!!!

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Starring and directed by Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks. “A little film about a super mom who takes care of everyone except herself” — Elizabeth Banks
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Question by C.S.: What is more just: rationing health care based upon bureaucratic decisions or ability to pay?
Both socialzed and free market health care ration health care.

In socialized health care, care is rationed based upon bureaucratic decisions.
In “free market” health care, care is rationed based upon the ability of the person to pay.

Which is more just?
Which is more just for a child?

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Answer by vtjames7433
Ability to pay especially since if push comes to shove and you get rushed to the ER you will get taken care of but the bureaucrat won’t give a darn about it- you’re just a number

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Lazy fat cat refuse to walk on the treadmill.. lol
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Question by Zolyshka: Suggest an exercise plan for someone who is just starting to exercise. What types of exercise should they inc?
Suggest an exercise plan for someone who is just starting to exercise. What types of exercise should they include? How long and how frequently should they perform each type?

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Answer by Pregunton
Walking for 20-30 minutes around a park, situps, pushups, jumping jacks but not much cause then you will be so sore..then after you get use to this start to increase your excerises to joggin, or going to the gym

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Question by : Are mental health problems and learning disabilites taking over the world or is it just getting noticed?
It appears that more and more peeps everywhere are developing all sorts of mental health problems and learning disorders. Why is this so? Is science just discovering how many peeps’ are having issues like this or is it actually growing and becoming a problem?

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Answer by Cicely
It’s just that these things are noticed more. There’s a lot more awareness thanks to the Internet, and schools are better about screening for various issues and providing services. Also, mild issues are classified as disorders now, while a few decades ago they were not. Thousands of people have been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, for example, which wasn’t a diagnosis before 1994.

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Let’s get one thing clear about the debate. NO ONE has the right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. “Hands off my body” is the rule we need to operate on when it comes to the health and well-being of every living woman. She gets to choose medical procedures for her own body. For a more in-depth argument, see this video: Some photos used with permission from Others courtesy Creative Commons license at Music: “I dunno” by grapes
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