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For the first time in human history, the world will soon have more older people than children. The human race is ageing and we are unprepared. Unless we chan…
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Question by Saad Rafique: Looking for self improvement material to make life successful?
How to built the personality? I am looking for self improvement Material that i should follow? I am looking for books, videos, lecture that i should freely follow online? Or else if you recommend me to read the book that change my life. Your answer will be highly appreciated?

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Answer by The utter Subjectivity of Brilliance
The easiest I found is applying components of self-actualization to address your own known human limitations.

Here’s a few:

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Question by Kendra: Exercise continues to be a powerful health intervention in late life. You have been asked to design an exerci?
Exercise continues to be a powerful health intervention in late life. You have been asked to design an exercise program for older adults.
What types of exercise will be included, and why?
Which exercises might require modification based on elders’ current level of physical health?
How will you recruit participants?

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Answer by Meg
Walking for definite, for those who can. Swimming for those for whom it is possible. Upper body exercises for those confined to a chair.

You probably need to include strength exercises, balance exercises and some aerobic exercise, to get the heart rate up for those who can do this. Strength / resistance exercises may help prevent or defer dementia. Aerobic exercises keep the heart strong.Balance exercises help prevent falls.

Recruit participants by showing them benefits. Not have to ask someone to get something for them, less likely to fall, able to do their own shopping, etc

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Question by Unbreakable: Is therer a book on how to lead a better more successful life?
I really enjoy reading non-fiction, self improvement / personal development style books. So far they have all fallen short of helping me achieve my life goals. Is there a book, workbook or guide that will help me be more charismatic, better looking, more charming, successful in business, happier in life and family? I know your temptation might be to say the bible but I’m looking for something secular. If you have to suggest more than one book please do.

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Answer by ilovebeaches:)
there are tons..just go to the library. try reading the seven habits for highly effective people.

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For me, Life is all about making conscious choices that have a positive impact. Yet the real blessing in life is to translate these methods into a technique that others can adopt and benefit from.

My life condensed into 3.15, first 30 odd years not much to be proud of, last couple of years, threw all the good and bad times I made it, and happy and proud of the way i learned to handle my crazy side, through sport and exercise now have a out let for my fear phobia craziness, and learned to like me for me, and that i don’t need to be the fastest runner or climber or cyclist or swimmer, and other sports i do, as long as i can look my self in the eye, and know i tried my hardest, and don’t use my physical health as a excuse for not trying, or my mental health for hiding behind the things that scare me, i try even if i fail i try, i learned to enjoy my life, took a few years but am comfortable in my own skin, Must thank My family and friends that have been my rocks, the ones that stood by me and let me go crazy and find my self , and other there loss, and doc thanks for change your life speech it worked and to future arse kicking if i dare revert.