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Question by MagnusMoss: How long to become a Psychiatric Nurse Mental Health Clinical Specialists?
I have a cousin who started as a nurse, but now works in the mental health field, and can prescribe drugs. What exactly is she?

After playing with google, I found the title:
Psychiatric Nurse Mental Health Clinical Specialists

Does that sound right? How long does it take to become one? The state is Massachusetts.

Best answer:

Answer by Johnna
a licensed clinical specialist, in my experiences, has served more of a case manager role. sounds like your cousin is most likely a mental health nurse practitioner (ARNP – advanced registered nurse practitioner) which are permitted to prescribe medications. it is a specialized master’s degree in nursing.

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Question by Rebeccah: The mind and body connection has long been debated in the discipline of psychology. Is the mind strictly a pr?
The mind and body connection has long been debated in the discipline of psychology. Is the mind strictly a product of the chemical interactions of the brain, or are there other factors at work? For this discussion, take a position in this debate and clearly state what your position is.

Best answer:

Answer by ty
That is a question psychologists are not qualified to answer. That’s biology.

Everything in the universe is made of energy. Electrical signals, a type of energy, power the brain. When that electricity ceases , the body mind (and body) die. There is no mind without the physical body, and no functioning body without the mind.

There is clearly a connection between physical body and mind.

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