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How Much Exercise Per Day To Lose Weight - How Much Exercise Is Enough

How Much Exercise Per Day To Lose Weight – How Much Exercise Is Enough – Are you wondering how much exercise you should be doin…
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Kids, get off the couch! Workout & exercise with us. P90x and insanity may be to extreme to get started with so we keep it basic but keep you moving. 15 minu…

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Hope this helps in some way shape or form. Please do not be too harsh on me, this is all I did, I’m not a pro or anything. This is just how I did it even though it didn’t seem like much. Any more questions ask them below and I will do follow up videos on my vlog channel the calorie counter is “myfitnesspal” use it, honestly, it helps SO much. 🙂 I am currently 163ish cm tall and weigh 56 kilos, size 6-8 in NZ (different to USA sizing etc) VLOG CHANNEL FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @xoshaaan INSTAGRAM: @shaaanxo Forbusiness enquiries, my email is SIGMA BRUSHES: If you want to buy brushes, here is my link to the Sigma website – I have some reviews on these brushes and you’ll see I use them in some of my tutorials 🙂 Camera I used to record this video: Canon EOS 60d Editing: done by me on iMovie NZ Hautelook/Cheap Makeup Site:

Question by Noa: What is the best exercise to lose belly fat?
After having kids and not exercising enough I’ve accumulated alot of belly fat in the past few years. I’m done with taking these pills that make my heart race and I’ve tried situps, crunches and ab rollers. What is actually the best exercise to lose belly fat fast?

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Answer by Bailey
Sit ups and crunchers. Oh yeah and planks.

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Question by : How much exercise should i do per day to lose a stone in 5 weeks?
If i have a healthy balanced diet of about 1200 calories a day, how much exercise should i be doing to knock off a stone in just over a month?

+ When i say exercise i mean running and power walking etc. Also, the weather in the UK at the moment is pretty rubbish, its very cold and extremely foggy + will probably start snowing heavily soon. What other exercises can i do to lose weight effectively if the weather becomes a problem?

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Answer by Igor
not only to exercise, proper diet is necessary

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Question by Lyra A: How to exercise and not lose weight or inches?
When you exercise, what are some things to look out for when you’re trying to exercise to tone up but not to lose weight or inches? For example, should your heart rate not go up? Should you just exercise until you feel the burn, pause, then start again?

Thanks for the tips!

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Answer by Selma
Just eat enough, and you will not lose weight or inches.

Your heart rate has to rise and your have to feel the burn in order to get exercise at all, so you can`t avoid those!

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