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Question by Sky: what are the natural remedies for those on the way to premature menopause at 36 yrs old?
Been on clomid for 7 months, with no success, blood results show that i am not ovulating, and there are signs of premature menopause.Is there any natural remedies to help with ovulation?

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Answer by Nurse Diesel
Yes! You should be avoiding all soy of any kind. Eating enough soy has enough phytoestrogen in it to act as a birth control pill, or at least reduce your fertility.

You should also eat:

raw milk from healthy pastured cows
eggs from pastured hens
homemade lard (in place of things like shortening and frying oil)
butter (preferably from pastured cows, but any butter is better)
expeller pressed olive, grapeseed or sunflower oil
lacto-fermented foods like high quality yoghurt or kefir (easy to make yourself)

You should avoid:
pasturized milk
vegetable oil
food dyes
other toxins – fluoride, cleaning chemicals, pesticides & herbicides, etc.

You should also try:
seeing a chiropractor
seeing a naturopath
finding out if you have any food allergies
working out any other health problems you may have.

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