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The sixth video in Dr. Richard Brown’s philosophy of mind course. In this video we discuss the history of the mind-body problem. After a brief review of Socr…

Substance dualism is the view that the mind (or the mental) and body (or the physical) are not only two distinct things with completely different natures, bu…

The question of the nature of the relationship between someone’s mind and body has been on the philosophical agenda at least since Socrates. It has been rema…

Question by repda713: Descartes’ Mind-Body Dualism?
Hey guys, I’ve been researching and studying Descartes’ Philosophies and am still puzzled about a few things regarding his view on the mind and body. My questions are “Why does Descartes think you can never divide the mind?” and “Why does he think you can always divide the body?” I’ve been trying to understand this and keep coming out confused lol. Any help is appreciated!

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Answer by Qeidx
I can cut a limb off of the body.

I can not cut a limb off of the mind.

This is what he means by dividing them. He cannot say, “This is the part of the mind where I think of fruit loops, and that’s the part of the mind where I like turtles.”

However, he could say, “This is my arm and that is my leg.”

Which led him to his, “Thus, the mind is separate from body, as one is divisible and the other is not.”

That’s all he meant by it. ^^

If you need further explanation, add additional details and I’ll get back to you.

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Question by ilovesummer: Philosophy question about Mind/Body and surviving death?!!??!?
What would have to be true about the human mind, in its relationship to the body, for our minds or ourselves to survive the body’s death?

Develop a list of the conditions that would make such survival a philosophical possibility. (For example, mind and body could not be one and the same…)

ANY ideas?!

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Answer by Aajajajaja Aja
Here is my answer
We don’t know if our mind exists beyond our body, nobody knows.
Now, I THINK not knowing is a good thing, because it leads to something called spirituality.

I don’t mean to me harsh here, i’m just saying.

One of the things that causes me a lot of pleasure about living is not knowing about what happens next. That allows me to worry about life a lot and, at the same time, not worrying at all.

anyway, that’s just me.

Good luck with your question, kisses!!!

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Question by lady cottager: What to people think about the Mind/Body connection?
With much more of a prevalence of topics about diseases and cures spreading through media such as the internet and t.v., it seems that we are getting even more paranoid than necessary about our bodies…? Do you think a lot of symptons we may feel like we’re having are psychosomatic? There has been reported evidence that the mind plays a signifcant role in whether we are susceptible to certain things. Are practices like meditation and mind-over-matter helpful? Positive thinking? Just some ideas that have been splashing around in my head…

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Answer by bigA
IMO, the mind is the cause and the body is the effect. Yet, most see their body as being in control and they are completely either ignorant or in denial about the mind.

edit – It only causes those deaths because those people are fearful of the world. I don’t have anything against traditional medicine. In fact, using medicine will often help the mind heal better.

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