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From King Edward VI Handsworth School in Birmingham, Nicky Campbell presides over the debate: Do we need religion to create a moral society? Guests include t…
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Question by : Is religion the single largest cause of moral and scientific stagnation in history?
That is the question.
In simpler words, do you believe that religion is the largest cause of primitive morals and primitive scientific beliefs holding on for so long? Do you believe religion is the single largest cause of hatred in the human race?
As an atheist, I view religion as both good and bad. It is good for keeping people positive and happy (they feel they have something to fall back on/ someone who always loves them) as well as bad because it divides people and has obstructed the advancement of humans in so many ways – including, but not limited to, the two aforementioned ways.

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Answer by Etil
We will probably never know, but religion was a large contributor. People thought that everything could be explained when you bring God into the equation.

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