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John from goes on a field trip to The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL to share with you how they grow f…
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Question by Unbreakable: Is therer a book on how to lead a better more successful life?
I really enjoy reading non-fiction, self improvement / personal development style books. So far they have all fallen short of helping me achieve my life goals. Is there a book, workbook or guide that will help me be more charismatic, better looking, more charming, successful in business, happier in life and family? I know your temptation might be to say the bible but I’m looking for something secular. If you have to suggest more than one book please do.

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Answer by ilovebeaches:)
there are tons..just go to the library. try reading the seven habits for highly effective people.

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Question by Dragonfly ♥: Besides fueling up on caffeine, what can I do to stay more awake and alert?
I’m having one of those horrible lazy lethargic days. My mind and body feel numb and depleted, even though I had a good night’s 7 hour sleep and had a hearty breakfast of coffee, omelet and fruit. I’ve been exercising regularly but not excessively so. What other measures can I take to make my brain focused and attentive?

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Answer by Stephanie
Are you sure you’re getting seven straight hours of quality sleep? If you wake up a lot during the night and awake for more than 5 minutes, then your previous sleep time no longer counts. People overestimate their sleep quality.

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Question by C.S.: What is more just: rationing health care based upon bureaucratic decisions or ability to pay?
Both socialzed and free market health care ration health care.

In socialized health care, care is rationed based upon bureaucratic decisions.
In “free market” health care, care is rationed based upon the ability of the person to pay.

Which is more just?
Which is more just for a child?

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Answer by vtjames7433
Ability to pay especially since if push comes to shove and you get rushed to the ER you will get taken care of but the bureaucrat won’t give a darn about it- you’re just a number

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More Eczema Natural Remedies

There are a number of eczema natural remedies; some have been used for centuries. Experimenting with various natural remedies as an adjunct to normal treatments can be worthwhile. Try one that appeals to you; perhaps just one at a time.

Chamomile/Witch Hazel Oil

Both Chamomile and witch hazel are anti-inflammatory as well as sharing anti-bacterial properties. They have traditionally been used to alleviate rashes and itching as well as the pain and redness that comes from eczema. You can apply them topically to the skin.

Tea Tree Oil

If there is any hint of bacterial infection tea tree oil can be one of the most helpful eczema natural remedies. It is an essential oil that has long been used traditionally to treat eczeme and reduce itching.

As with the other oils simply apply topically to the damaged skin areas.

Eczema Bath’s

A sea salt bath can be a nice relaxing experience which can also help your eczema. As with all baths for eczema you don’t want the water to be too hot. Sea salt helps open the pores on your skin for a gentle detox. The minerals found in sea salt help with the itching due to inflammation. Tip: Add some natural oils to the bath for an even better experience.

An oatmeal bath can also be very soothing to skin ravaged by eczema, especially if there is a lot of itching and inflamation. Oatmeal is known for its anti-itching properties and can immediately sooth the skin. Oatmeal is pretty cheap to purchase and easy to add to your bath. Add 2-3 cups of oatmeal to each bath you take. Many eczema products use oatmeal as one of their major ingredients (such as Aveeno).

Flax Seed Oil

Instead of being used topically like olive oil, flax seed oil is taken internally (liquid or capsules). Full of omega 3′s it can help many skin disorders. You can add flax seeds straight into your daily smoothie or on top of salads. They actually taste pretty good (I like to mix mine with blueberries).

Olive Oil

Olive oil is known as a rich moisturizing agent. Use the best quality you can find (extra virgin and unrefined). Apply it immediately after getting out of your oatmeal or sea salt bath to help lock in the moisture gained from the bath. Olive oil will stay on the surface of the skin, continuing to moisturize for hours.


There seems to be links between eczema and candiasis (yeast overgrowth). Using probiotics can help balance the digestive system and bring candiasis into check by limiting the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria. Probiotics are the ‘good’ bacteria that help strengthen the digestive system and studies have shown that they can be helpful with eczema (especially in babies and young children). Don’t want to take a probiotic supplement? Instead have some natural yoghurt, drink some kefir (a fermented yoghurt drink) or have some sauerkraut. All of these contain different strains of probiotics.

One can use natural remedies for eczema alongside a more traditional method of treatment. Always consult a health professional before using any eczema natural remedies.

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Question by Smith: What health differences will I have after drinking more water daily?
I just noticed that not drinking alot of water for the longest time since I can remember has been damaging my health. I think this is why I have so little energy

I plan to start drinking more water, what differences should I see in my health afterward?

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Answer by Kamikazekid
Well you’ll be more hydrated and will have more energy. You might also want to start jogging or biking, you’ll see a huge difference in energy levels. =)

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