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Question by Comrade Otto: How come instances of mental health issues are becoming more prevalent?
What is it that is causing a larger number of the population to suffer from numerous mental health issues? Or do you think there was always around the same figures but not enough research or medical advancement at the time to realise?

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Answer by Larbacmc
the stress of today is far grater then what it was in the old days

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Question by Shan: How much more education would it take for a nurse to become a teacher?
I am stuck between the 2 careers so i am wondering i i get my RN degree and decide i want to be a teacher later how much more education do i need? bachelor of education? or do i have to complete an undergrad degree again then take the bachelor of education degree? i seen nurse educator degree but i think that’s for just working in universities and colleges that are training nurses right? or can you teach science to high school students with that as well?

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Answer by ::eja::
To be an effective teacher and for most college universities you need to complete the undergraduate classes before getting admitted to the teacher candidate program. Even if you have a degree, expect another 4 years on top of the previous degree.

You have to account for the observations and student teaching portions, as well as classes. Teaching requires a lot of experience and a lot of work compared to the stereotypical beliefs of some people.

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