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Question by Eurasian: Which Religion Is The Most Peaceful Religion?
If a religion applying in good way, all religion are good. Coz you can influce on people in good way. But same time it can be devil thing, but it is not religion. Be objective and think which one was more peaceful religion. including past and present.

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Answer by Tha Princess
The religion known as …. oh crap it doesn’t exist.

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Question by 1st SIGN المسلم: WHICH RELIGION Has The MOST H00kerz ?


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Answer by sparc77
Interesting question. One must wonder if the proper question would be to which Religion do most of them claim to be. They may not actually be practicing members of a specific religion but simply consider themselves members of that religion based on cultural trends.
If it clucks like a chicken, don’t call it a squirrel.

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Question by Wisen Smart: What type of books do people buy the most?
Is it novels, self improvement, spiritual, biographies, politics? I would like to start writing a book based on what people like and read the most.


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Answer by Intelek
Well, by pure sales, The Bible (unfortunately) is the best seller (for 400 years and running….)

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Question by DanaBella: What culture/religion produces the best most loving husbands?
What culture/religion produces the best most loving husbands or do you think culture/ religion have nothing to do with the quality of a husband? Just curious

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Answer by Rayos #1
i dont think that religion or culture have anything to do with the qualities of a person

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