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How Much Exercise Per Day To Lose Weight - How Much Exercise Is Enough

How Much Exercise Per Day To Lose Weight – How Much Exercise Is Enough – Are you wondering how much exercise you should be doin…
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Question by Mr McDude: Why is it so much harder for men to find a partner today?
My average looking behind cannot get a women no matter what. Every dating tip advice, self improvement plan has been used. Theres many guys in my situation but very few women in this situation.
There must be some social imbalance created because it wasn’t always like this.

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Answer by I Know Your Mom Carnally
Go find dangerous booty

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Question by Anonymous: How much should I charge to exercise a horse?
I used to exercise about 6 horses a day for $ 10 and hour. I had someone ask that I exercise one horse for them. Since I’m only exercising one horse should I charge more or the same amount? What’s reasonable amount?

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Answer by Amber
Depends really on how much you exercise them. If you’re really doing extensive physical labor and keeping an athletic horse in tip-top shape, then I would charge $ 20+ a ride. If you’re just doing trail rides and easy arena work to get a horse out of its corral, around $ 15+ a ride.

There are a lot of factors there to consider such as the horse’s temperament too. Like if a horse is really laid back and easy to handle, charge less. If a horse is more difficult to ride, charge more. Try to limit the time to what is necessary for adequate exercise. If a horse needs more more exercise, then ride for over an hour, maybe two. Vise versa if a horse needs less, ride for an hour or so, maybe less.

I think to charge per ride rather than hour is better because that way payment is more consistent. Plus you can round up the hours that you ride instead of doing the math to do an hour and 43 minutes and whatnot. Some days horses need to be ridden less, other days they need to be ridden more, that way it all balances it out.

Hope this helps!

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Question by Daniel: How much exercise is required for optimal brain health?
Also, what kind of exercise(s) is best? Thank you.

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Answer by Marshall
The amount of exercise will always depend upon the person who is doing the actual exercising. Do what you think is enough.

Try running, that’s always a good way to get the serotonin going.

Have Fun.

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Question by Malcontent: How come on University applications they ask how much education your parents have received?
What does my parents education have to do with anything?

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Answer by momin fla
Statistics show that whatever level of education parents have, effects how much a student will get. We tend to follow in our parents foot steps.

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Question by healthobsessed93: How much aerobic exercise is needed to burn fat?
How much cardiovascular exercise should I do per week in order to burn fat off of my lower abs?
I’m only trying to shed little pockets of fat like love handles. I’m actually in pretty good shape, so I’m not afraid to try some tougher stuff.

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Answer by Toning Girl
Go for high intensity cardio exercise which burns more total calories and more fat as well.

You should cardio at least 3-4 times per week, for at least 30 mins per session, to burn off fat.

Here’s a guide on the best way to cardio to burn off fat:

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Question by Swtbttrfly: How much exercise is recomended for weight loss?
I’m talking actual cardio exercise, think gym time, or treadmill time. I have heard that daily exercise is good for weight loss, but I typically burn out pretty quickly when I go daily. I am thinking maybe 3-4 times per week for 60 minutes each is better? What do you think?
I am taking in about 2000 calories per day.

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Answer by lmay1787
It depends on your caloric intake. If you are taking in 1500 calories a day you are going to have to work out a lot less than if you are taking in for example, 2500 calories. There really isn’t a magic number when it comes to time exercising. It is more about how many calories you put in and how many calories you work out.

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