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Question by Professor Mcduck: health care myths? health care facts? myth 1- health care reform is expensive?
FACT 1- health care reform will save us a lot of money

myth 2- health care reform will deny grandma health care
FACT 2- insurance companies deny health care, health care reform stops this from happening ever

myth3- countries with health care reform have waiting lines
fact- insurance companies make you wait for health care if you cant pay for it, which is a really long waiting line if you are poor. health care reform gives everyone equal access, which is good.

myth 4- health care reform is “socialist”.
FACT- if health care reform is socialist then so is the police department! the firefighters! roads! LOL! there is nothing socialist about health care reform!

myth 5- health care should be for profit and to make the most money possible
FACT 5- health care should be about health care. nothing else. health care reform makes it illegal for greedy doctors and insurance companies to profit to much, making health care more of a priority.

myth 6- health care reform is bad.
FACT- health care reform is good.

myth 7- fox news told me that health care reform means obama will take over health care
FACT- faux news shouldnt be watched and you shouldnt hate obama because he is black.

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Answer by S. H.
yeah haha like obama could take over anything, he’s a weak president, if he were SMART he would’ve said these facts not you, it’s what any other democratic president would’ve done

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