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A cartoon explanation of why we need a public health insurance option. Now that the health care bill has passed, my friend Andy Lubershane (the animator) has made another video about a topic…

Tweet this video! – When it comes to our health, it always helps to be in the know. With so many “facts”, it’s hard to distingu…
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Abraham explain if our body really NEEDS exercise. Great discussion! For more Abraham teachings, go to:
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Question by casey: Do I need an exercise mat for basic aerobics?
We have very little room in our office for exercise equipment but I really need to start an exercise program. Cardio is what Im aiming for. Im thinking about getting a couple of aerobic DVDs and going at it. Never done aerobics before and while the office is carpeted should I buy an exercise mat? Do I need to wear shoes?
Im talking old school aerobics from the 70’s and 80’s. Richard Simmons workouts type stuff. .

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Answer by Bruno
For comfort, sure, but it’s not necessary at all.
And correct me if I’m wrong here…. but isn’t Aerobics doing exercises like running, cycling, and swimming? I always thought exercise mats were for the typical Yoga B.S. that women shoot for.

As for shoes, that’s a tough one. Some people actually exercise better without shoes. Others find that a good pair of running shoes help greatly with shin splints (they happen to new runners and they’re quite painful for some) and even help with balance. If you’re running though, you will buy shoes. And if you’re buying running shoes, do not be afraid to spend money on expensive ones if they’re actually good for you. Shoes help a lot, trust me.

You don’t need a mat for that, though it helps a bit with positioning yourself and not looking like complete crap. If you’re going to be on your back a lot, then get it if you can afford it. You don’t really need it, but some people are sensitive and being on their back on hard floor can start to ache, and a rug can cause a burn in some odd occasions. :/

I personally don’t see the use of it, but that’s just me.

What do you think? Answer below! Dr. Jamie Wright does a great job making nutrition and food and the relationship to health and…

From King Edward VI Handsworth School in Birmingham, Nicky Campbell presides over the debate: Do we need religion to create a moral society? Guests include t…
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Question by Ciarra L: What kind of degree do I need to teach early childhood education college courses?
I’m currently in school now, going for my BA in early childhood education. But I’m also interested in becoming a college professor and teaching early childhood education courses to college and/or university students. I’m a little confused on what degree I’ll need to do this (specifically the title of the degree). Do I just need an MA in early childhood education? Or would I need something else as well? Maybe someone can clear up my confusion. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Jimbobby2753
Check with your college advisor.

Check the state requirements in the state in which you live.

Google: Professor education requirements.

Usually a professor is required to have a doctorate and so many hours in their specilization.


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Question by EDWARD CULLEN is my hero: What education does a person need to get to become a pro athlete ?
I’m writing a paper on pro athletes, and I’m wondering what type of education they get, besides lots of training, but what types of collage and stuff ?

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Answer by kmz
uhh none

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Question by Dave: What type of education do you need for sound engineering?
I want to be a sound engineer and work my way up to a recording engineer or a producer but I don’t know what type of education I need at 15 years old as I go through high school. What education do I need in general. I’ve read electrical engineering comes in handy, but I’m not sure.

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Answer by Everyday
there isn’t really any education that you NEED in the industry. the music industry is more about who you know than schooling.

that being said there are a lot of things you can learn that will help you along the way. knowing electronics is good because gear breaks, and being able to fix it, or at least understand it works. this also gives you the option to create your own stuff. i’ve known people that have created their own pre-amps, and microphones because they know what they’re doing. communications classes are good because being an engineer you have to be able to communicate with people. you will have artists and producers that will tell you that they want the guitar to be more “crunchy” or the hat needs more “shine”. you have to be able to know what they mean when they say that. a lot of stuff like that just comes down to being familiar with a lot of different types of music, and how its recorded. business is always good especially now in recording. many engineers are losing jobs because of how easy it is to record at home. knowing the business side you may help keep a studio alive, or start your own indpendent freelance studio.

like i said, education really doesn’t matter. you can pay thousands of dollars going to school and learning how to do the stuff, or you can research and do it yourself.

the most important things i would study as far as the actual engineering is the processing type sides of it. by this i mean learn how EQ, reverb, compression, delay, etc are and how it works. understanding how things like that work and the theory behind it will help you understand how to apply it on a session.

one thing that would be good to get used to (especially at your age) is to study the sounds of music. by this i basically mean, listen to a lot of music. but don’t just listen to it. you have to hear it and understand it. listen to the overall mix of the music. where is the guitar? is it panned to the left? right? if so, why? listen to music like it’s a picture. listen to all genres to understand how the snare sounds in a metal song compared to a pop or country song. listen to bands you don’t like and study the music. it sucks listening to crap, but it will help you learn more. this is highly important when it comes to mixing a record. some people think it’s just about turning up and down each instrument until it all sounds right. but there is soooooooo much more to it.

as a final note, i want to stress that it is very tough to make it in the music industry. engineering is the same situation. if you do study and get a degree, get something that will give you options of the music industry doesn’t work out. i would start recording stuff as soon as possible. if you can record a lot of stuff and get good at it by the time you graduate, you may be able to go get an internship at a studio without spending a lot of money for school.

good luck

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Question by RS8389: Need help answering this question: “Is gender in the mind, body, or both?”?
I’m being interviewed for this magazine and need to send in an answer within the hour. “Is gender all in the mind, all in the body, or both? Please explain your viewpoint on this.”
Please help cause I can’t think of anything that I particularly like enough to make it in print! Doesn’t need to be very long. Maybe a paragraph at the most. Thanks so much!! I’d really appreciate it!!

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Answer by Beyond
gender is between the ears, sex is between the legs.

how’s that for a quick quote?

you can read more here:

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