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Question by ZaphodBeeblebroxx: How will executive education change in the next 5-10 years?
Will office workers and executives of the future sit in classrooms to get their executive education? Will it be delivered through Second Life or another virtual world? What role will Web 2.0 technologies play in executive education? Will we get our training through mobile phones? Will we train each other, through Wikis and similar technologies? If you are 20-25 years old now, or have experience of this, please let me know what you think about this. Thanks!

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Answer by kingdave
i think it will be alot more computer based
alot more of it will deal with other countries since we are gradually becoming more globalized
-it wont be thru cell phones or virtual world although those will still be developing
the best education will still come thru experienced teachers- the gadgets are just a plus

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Question by : How much time do Special Education Teachers spend outside of the classroom preparing for the next day?
I am highly considering majoring in Special Education. Right now it’s a toss up between Special Education and Business Education. I’m trying to evaluate the pros and cons of each.

My question is, how much time, approximately, does a special education teacher spend outside of the classroom preparing for the lessons for the coming days? Is it as much as a normal teacher, or more? More than an English teacher for example?

What type of work load can be expected outside of the classroom?
I know that IEDs drive people crazy, but I don’t mind that kind of paperwork.

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Answer by Heather
I spend several hours of my own time preparing…but then again so does EVERY other teacher I know regardless of level or subject. The positive is that many parts of my planning can be done either online or saves to a data stick instead of carrying tons of books and folders around.

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