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Question by MagnusMoss: How long to become a Psychiatric Nurse Mental Health Clinical Specialists?
I have a cousin who started as a nurse, but now works in the mental health field, and can prescribe drugs. What exactly is she?

After playing with google, I found the title:
Psychiatric Nurse Mental Health Clinical Specialists

Does that sound right? How long does it take to become one? The state is Massachusetts.

Best answer:

Answer by Johnna
a licensed clinical specialist, in my experiences, has served more of a case manager role. sounds like your cousin is most likely a mental health nurse practitioner (ARNP – advanced registered nurse practitioner) which are permitted to prescribe medications. it is a specialized master’s degree in nursing.

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Question by B: How does one become a mental health nurse in Ontario?
I am an undergrad and thinking of applying to Nursing school next year, I am really interested in the field of mental health nursing, how can one become a licened mental health nurse in Ontario?

Best answer:

Answer by MichaelExe
“Educational requirements for becoming a mental health or psychiatric nurse vary depending on the province.

In Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, people who work in this career are known as psychiatric nurses. In order to work as a registered psychiatric nurse (RPN) in these provinces, you must complete a psychiatric nursing program.

You can enter a psychiatric nursing training program right after high school. Another option is to complete a registered nursing program first, and then enter a post-graduate program in psychiatric nursing. Once you have successfully completed the psychiatric nursing program, you must write the qualifying exams that allow you to call yourself an RPN.

However, you do not necessarily need to be an RPN to work in psychiatric nursing. Some nurses move directly into this field after completing a registered nursing program.

In all other provinces, you must become a registered nurse (RN) before you can become a mental health nurse. To become an RN, you generally need to complete a 4-year degree in nursing. Although some provinces give students the option of taking a 3-year nursing diploma instead of a degree, most are now moving towards requiring a 4-year degree. Once you have obtained your training you must pass an exam to become an RN.

The exact route to becoming a mental health nurse after you have obtained your RN qualification depends on the employer. Some train RNs on the job, and others may require them to have obtained specialized training in mental health before they are hired. Post-graduate programs in mental health nursing are available at a number of colleges and universities.”

“The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) offers voluntary certification for mental health nurses. Those who pass the certification exam are qualified to use the credential CPMHN (Certified in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing). See the link to the CNA’s website in the Other Resources section for more information.”

From Other Resources:
“Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses (CFMHN)
1 Concorde Gate, Suite 109
Toronto, ON M3C 3N6
(416) 426-7029
The professional association representing mental health and psychiatric nurses in Canada. Check out some of the Resource Links.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
CMHA focuses on combating mental health problems and emotional disorders. Be sure to check out the Understanding Mental Illness Section.

Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)
CNA promotes the nursing profession in Canada. Click on Nursing in Canada, then Becoming A Registered Nurse, to find out more about this profession.

Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA)
This association represents nursing students from across the country. Browse through the Educational Topics Discussion forum to read about issues of interest to nursing students.

Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada (ANAC)
The only Aboriginal professional nursing association in Canada. Check out the Resources section.

Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH)
CAMH is Canada’s leading addiction and mental health teaching hospital. Have a look through the About Mental Health & Addictions section.

Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)
This government site has tonnes of health-related information.

Internet Mental Health
This is a free encyclopedia of mental health information created by a Canadian psychiatrist. The site includes descriptions of mental health disorders as well as a glossary of terms.

Human Resources and Social Development Canada – Essential Skills
Registered Nurses

Ontario Skills Passport
Registered Nurses

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Question by : What are the education requirements to become a nurse anesthetist?
I am interested in pursuing a career in nursing and possibly aspiring to nurse anesthetist and was wondering what the education requirements are. How does it compare with an actual anesthesiologist? Salary, education, etc..

Best answer:

Answer by jane
Anesthesiologist are medical doctors who go back to school for 2 more years.
A nurse anesthetist is a nurse practitioner who specializes in “sedation” for procedures and practices under the license of a doctor. So you go through the regular nursing program and get your associates degree. Then you go back to school to get your masters degree and that is what it takes to be a public health nurse. Then you go back to school that is a program for nurse practitioner that can diagnose, suture lacerations, write prescriptions, etc.

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Question by : To become a mental health nurse would you have to become a hospital nurse first?
I really want to become a mental health nurse. But if i can get into a mental health nursing course at university straight after college, i dont want to become a hospital nurse. Help?

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Answer by 10pts plzz…
here is some website that can help you….,26637,26649,26835,27156,27395,27404&sugexp=ci10b&xhr=t&q=how+to+become+a+mental+health+nurse&cp=2&qe=aG8gbWVudGFsIGhlYWx0aCBudXJzZQ&qesig=ZXzyuU3rQElMEerJZYVIRQ&pkc=AFgZ2tn3OA6eGOyn2nOrPF0VyZL7Gfko6vbIgPePXme2sxsh5ozSYBTX_P_iNVvz0PWjWGqBxWe21tWHGgRC6cPJEVE4Ow-sGg&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=0c&aqi=g4g-o1&aql=f&oq=ho+mental+health+nurse&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=c6d70e2a43c7e0c5

hope this helps……

can i have 10pts plzz????

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Question by Shan: How much more education would it take for a nurse to become a teacher?
I am stuck between the 2 careers so i am wondering i i get my RN degree and decide i want to be a teacher later how much more education do i need? bachelor of education? or do i have to complete an undergrad degree again then take the bachelor of education degree? i seen nurse educator degree but i think that’s for just working in universities and colleges that are training nurses right? or can you teach science to high school students with that as well?

Best answer:

Answer by ::eja::
To be an effective teacher and for most college universities you need to complete the undergraduate classes before getting admitted to the teacher candidate program. Even if you have a degree, expect another 4 years on top of the previous degree.

You have to account for the observations and student teaching portions, as well as classes. Teaching requires a lot of experience and a lot of work compared to the stereotypical beliefs of some people.

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