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Why do some people struggle more than others to keep off the pounds? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows research that addresses one of the many factors…

Question by Dancer17: How to avoid being manipulated and know when others are trying to manipulate you?
I think I have an ok sense of this but any tips would be great for self improvement! 🙂
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Answer by John
question yourself and others

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Question by missy11691us2001: can psychologist and others in the mental health field be on depressive and or anxiety medications themselves?
i wanted to pursue a career in the mental health field. but i may go back on zoloft to help with my anxiety .

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Answer by Sunrise
Yes, of course they can. Everyone takes as good care of themselves as they can.

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Question by WhIsKeRs: Why does Cannabis cause mental health problems for some but not for others?
Ive met people who have suffered terribly with mental health issues since smoking it and others who smoke it regularly With no mental health problems at all. What is it that makes one person react badly and one not?

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Answer by Foodie Girl
We all have different brains.
I’ve met people who have had mental health break downs after smoking marijuana, but in my experience most of those people had the issue prior to smoking and it was just latent or had not fully affected the person yet.
4 of the people I know had found out they had schizophrenia, but only after smoking marijuana which just brought it to the surface.

In my opinion most of the people who have mental episodes caused by smoking marijuana had these mental issues before they ever smoked, smoking just triggers them.

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Question by Scott: Why does every religion believe only they will go to heaven while all others wont?
Why do these Christians keep believing that the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus? Thats just one particular fictional character for that religion. Every other religion has some other idea that they will go to heaven and everyone else who doesnt follow them will go to hell. What makes every religion believe only theirs is right while all others are wrong? Its just a mere accident at birth that you were this religion. Which belief could be right and which is wrong? I dont get how people could continue to believe in this while all the other religions are against them.

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Answer by Canadian Atheist
For the same reason every parent believes their kids are pretty and smart

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