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Melanie tells us that we define ourselves by our actions outside our comfort zone. Melanie pushes herself through fitness. When her body is pushed passed it’s comfort zone, then she really can understand what type of person she is. How do you handle being outside your comfort zone? Let us know in the comments below! Subscribe Here: Mommy Happiness: mh advice channel: mh health channel: mh career channel: mh family channel: mh humor channel: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: www.pinterest I’m The Pep Talk Mom; I have a law degree. I also teach full time at an indoor spinning studio called Soul Cycle plus…I’m a mom. I believe in the power of mind body and cardio. I’m here to pass on my philosophy of fitness and wellness onto other moms so they can achieve their own physical goals and happiness. Subscribe Here: The pursuit of mommy happiness is a virtual home/channel filled with moms who are informed, confident and plugged in. These moms don’t want to be put in a mommy box. “Mom” is part of who they are but it’s definitely not their first name. The moms on mh always put their kids and family first but they also have their own personal goals and aspirations. These mom leaders will tell stories, give advice and sometimes just share a laugh. The shows on mh will cover a range of topics…always unfiltered and always authentic.
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Go on an epic journey with Derrick Bateman as he takes part in a party for the mind, soul, and body in a ZUMBA class. Bateman takes his newly found ZUMBA talents backstage at WWE where he teaches Kaitlyn and other Superstars some new moves. #WWEOTR Let Derrick know what you think of his moves on Twitter @DerrickWWE
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Question by : How much time do Special Education Teachers spend outside of the classroom preparing for the next day?
I am highly considering majoring in Special Education. Right now it’s a toss up between Special Education and Business Education. I’m trying to evaluate the pros and cons of each.

My question is, how much time, approximately, does a special education teacher spend outside of the classroom preparing for the lessons for the coming days? Is it as much as a normal teacher, or more? More than an English teacher for example?

What type of work load can be expected outside of the classroom?
I know that IEDs drive people crazy, but I don’t mind that kind of paperwork.

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Answer by Heather
I spend several hours of my own time preparing…but then again so does EVERY other teacher I know regardless of level or subject. The positive is that many parts of my planning can be done either online or saves to a data stick instead of carrying tons of books and folders around.

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