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Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Home Exercise Program.
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This exercise will provide quick relief from lower back ache caused due to muscle spasm and strain.
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Question by frayed_jay: Natural pain remedies for osteosarcoma?
I have metastatic osteosarcoma. My bones ache.

I take a lot of medications including pain medications like fentanyl in the form of a skin patch.

I am looking for any additional natural pain remedies you can suggest.

My email/MSN is

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Answer by sokokl
One natural remedy that might be of help with some of the pain is accupuncture. Another that you could try is a TENS unit.

A TENS unit works by sending signals to the brain to try and block the signal that says you hurt from getting to the brain.

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Question by watevz: Exercise helps ease period pain?
I have been really slack with exercise for the past few years, and my period pain has been horrific. I have started exercising 2/3 times a week, for 2 months now and suddenly, my period pain has significantly decreased! I am so happy, and wondering if anyone else has found exercise useful in this way?

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Answer by deshee1112
Yes, exercise is very useful in this way. Exercise in many forms from yoga to cardio should help reduce menstrual pain. When your exercising, you release natural chemicals in your body called endorphines, which help alleviate pain. Not only do they reduce pain, they decrease stress and boost your moods.

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