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Question by Captain Whale: What psychological benefits come from physical exercise?
Does exercising make you mentally sharper and more focused? Does it build your confidence and overall happiness? Also, does your energy increase?Im planning to start exercising to improve the quality of my life and mental health. If anyone has any testimonies on how exercise has changed you for the better, please share. I’d really appreciate it.

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Answer by Hi person.
It helps me control my anger….

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Recovery from OCD is not a single point you cross and then never have to worry about taking care of your mental health again. Recovery is a lifestyle. It’s t…
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Question by Eros: What if it’s all just a dream and even your physical body is a dream?
just like it is in a dream? That we really exist in this higher dimension as consciousness and this is all just a big illusion that we will wake up from when we die and none of it really exists except for inside of our heads, we’ve all lived a thousand lives already and everyone in the world is merely a reflection of yourself that you created in your higher mind which exists outside of the mind/body in another dimension? Wouldn’t that be really strange?

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Answer by Roger That
Because we feel REAL pain.

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Question by Daniel: What are some examples of how mental health and physical health are interconnected?
Sometimes people talk about the so-called “mind-body connection”, in which the mind and physical body are realted to each other and affected by each other. Can you give some examples of this connection? I heard that it’s better to take a more “holisitc” approach to health, to look at many different aspects at once. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Answer by Raza
here are some example – schizophrenia, depression etc

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