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This video discusses a huge problem that has been seen nationwide with the new Obamacare health plan (and it isn’t the Obamacare website). It is the fact tha…
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DISCLAIMER: My series on mental health recovery. I am NOT a mental health professional. Any concerns you have MUST been seen by a psychiatrist or doctor. This is just a handy guide geared towards recovery and remaining stable and is COMPLIMENTARY to the work you do with your doctors. Not INSTEAD of the work you do with your doctors. I cannot offer advice or treatment. This series documents my own journey with an action plan given to me by the NHS…I simply thought I would share my journey with others so that you too could benefit from a recovery programme for free. I am not making any claims to be a therapist and any information provided in this series I will consult the correct professionals who are qualified. I just want to make it clear that this is not a guide to treatment or advocating abandonment of medication. In fact I encourage medication and treatment, instead the series will look at a variety of tools that can be used to promote a better way of being, and hopefully to help us remain stable. I do not work for the NHS and therefore am not qualified to advise you on anything. This is purely my own thoughts on recovery based on a action pack from the NHS. I hope you will find the series helpful. Thanks for reading.
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Question by : Should a national health standard be set and linked to our health records for the National health care plan?
Many people hate Michelle Obama’s food vision for this country but health is the most important aspect of our existence. If we had a certification process for every bit of food and drink like they do for organic food, we wood have a scientifically observable basis on which to manage health.

Can you see any drawbacks?

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Answer by Stan
Nazi Germany… ever hear of it?

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Push-up Improvement Plan #01 is a comprehensive push-up improvement program that will help you gain lean muscle mass and help you achieve a better push-up score for the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) under FM 21-20 or Army Physical Readiness Test (APRT) under TC 3-22.20. If a civilian, use this exercise program to simply get in the best shape of your life! Perform this drill 2-3 sets each with 3 minutes of rest in between each set on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 4 weeks and witness you double the amount of push-ups that you can do in a 2-minute assessment. HOOAH! *Assumes no association with the US ARMY or the Department of Defense.

Question by Zolyshka: Suggest an exercise plan for someone who is just starting to exercise. What types of exercise should they inc?
Suggest an exercise plan for someone who is just starting to exercise. What types of exercise should they include? How long and how frequently should they perform each type?

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Answer by Pregunton
Walking for 20-30 minutes around a park, situps, pushups, jumping jacks but not much cause then you will be so sore..then after you get use to this start to increase your excerises to joggin, or going to the gym

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Question by : What health care plan can two of us purchase which will cover our medical needs and not have outrageous?
premiums? I believe we may be eligible to continue our current coverages with Kaiser when my spouse retires, but the premium will be $ 1200 monthly. What can we do to get affordable health care? We both have preexisting conditions, and although we are healthy, it makes health care almost out of our reach, when we both have conditions which require several visits to health care providers annually.

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Answer by Flower
Kaiser Senior Advantage begins at age 65. It around $ 100 a month plus your Part B Medicare monthly premiums. If you retire before age 65 you would have an individual plan. I suggest contacting an insurance agent and finding out what insurance and what plans are available in your state.

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