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Question by Humad Shah: What are some major health problems faced by the youth of the 21st century?
I need to write an essay on one or more health problems faced by the youth of the 21st century. Which health problem should I write on, and why?

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Answer by tuffy
Obesity and/or lack of exercise

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Dr. Emmett Miller speaks about our current Health Care issues and problems and how the USA ended up with a failing system. 80-90% of our diseases are the res…
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Question by nuggets: Why don’t westerners use natural remedies for health problems?
In some parts of the world they use natural remedies to cure you for MANY things. You heal fast. These things are not available in the US. They are all man made. Why?

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Answer by Larry
Because most of them don’t work.

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Heart problems are getting worse nowadays. It is therefore important to know some natural remedies for heart problems that could save our lives while waiting for medical attention

Common Mental Health Problems

Mental health illnesses affect 1 in 5 Americans. The most likely groups to be effected with mental health disorders are women, the unemployed and young adults. This one in 5 that suffer represents nearly 45 million Americans.

The most common types of mental health problems are anxiety, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders and eating disorders. The good new is that most mental health issues are treatable. If symptoms are caught early enough and medical intervention is received there is a good chance of being cured.

Another way to prevent mental health issues in the first place is healthy living. Many disorders such as anxiety, addiction and mood are effected by the life you live and how health or unhealthy the choices are. Thing that can affect this include the relationships you choose, staying free of drugs and alcohol and keep your brain active and engaged.

Many children and adults also suffer from attention disorders (such as ADHD).

These types of disorders can make it very hard to focus which can lead to a failure in certain areas of your life. When you are not able to concentrate it can make it hard to get through your day which could possibly lead to depression.

Eating right, exercising and being mentally active can all improve your mental health or help prevent you from dealing with negative mental health issues in the future. Mental health is just as important as physical health and you should spend time making sure your mind and psyche are in order as well as your body. Brain training can help you train your mind.

Making sure your mind is healthy can make it so you can better manage stress.

When you can better manage stress you are less likely to become depressed or suffer from other mental heath issues.

You need to learn to identify your moods and how to cope with them to have a less stressful life. You need to keep your financial house in order which not easy in current economic situation. Financial problems can cause serious stress that wreaks havoc on you overall mental health.

The most important thing to remember though is that if you do find yourself slipping into some kind of mental health problem to seek help. Almost all mental health problems can be treated and you can feel better about yourself but the first step is seeking the help you need. Untreated mental health problems can lead to feelings of emptiness and it becomes a situation that spirals out of control if left untreated.

Thomas Manner is a specialist in neuroscience and the brain training field in general.

Question by WhIsKeRs: Why does Cannabis cause mental health problems for some but not for others?
Ive met people who have suffered terribly with mental health issues since smoking it and others who smoke it regularly With no mental health problems at all. What is it that makes one person react badly and one not?

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Answer by Foodie Girl
We all have different brains.
I’ve met people who have had mental health break downs after smoking marijuana, but in my experience most of those people had the issue prior to smoking and it was just latent or had not fully affected the person yet.
4 of the people I know had found out they had schizophrenia, but only after smoking marijuana which just brought it to the surface.

In my opinion most of the people who have mental episodes caused by smoking marijuana had these mental issues before they ever smoked, smoking just triggers them.

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Question by : Are mental health problems and learning disabilites taking over the world or is it just getting noticed?
It appears that more and more peeps everywhere are developing all sorts of mental health problems and learning disorders. Why is this so? Is science just discovering how many peeps’ are having issues like this or is it actually growing and becoming a problem?

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Answer by Cicely
It’s just that these things are noticed more. There’s a lot more awareness thanks to the Internet, and schools are better about screening for various issues and providing services. Also, mild issues are classified as disorders now, while a few decades ago they were not. Thousands of people have been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, for example, which wasn’t a diagnosis before 1994.

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