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The self-assessment process is a POWERFUL TOOL comprised of four action steps by which you get clear on who you are and what your role and responsibility are…
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Question by Darth Muck: Where can I learn about the process of mental health testing?
I have been sentenced to undergo a complete mental health evaluation . If I take this screening honestly I will be locked up most certainly . What I need to know is the process of testing so I can steer the results to a more favorable outcome for myself . C’mon somebody who knows give me a hand here !!! Just link me to where I can learn this crap and I’ll be satisfied . Oh , AND !! PLEASE don’t answer ” just be yourself ” or some other dumb answer , cut me a break , I am a monster , I am NOT stupid .

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Answer by ipuntchipmunks
the county or city u live in should have a Center for mental health. they would be an out patient service, most like near you county hospital. they will evaluate you, maybe recommend you for specialized treatment. but its pretty painless….not that i have issue mind you, but i have seen a psychologist in the past. you should call you local hospital and ask for a metal health center. you then call them and set up an appointment, while doing so ask them your question. im sure they will tell you..or just goole it

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Question by r: How does Health Insurance Application Process work?
I applied for health insurance and forgot to mention an out of state doctor’s visit a few years back. Do the health insurance companies have access to all medical records even if you did not list the doctor or doctor’s office on the application? Is it a big deal that I forgot to list the visit. A brief explanation of how the application review process works would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by Steve B
In the UK, they normally don’t bother contacting your Doctor UNTIL YOU CLAIM … THEN they try to avoid paying out by finding some mistake or ‘error’ in your application so they can say the Insurance is invalid.

I’ve no idea what happens in the USA, but I bet Insurance companies there are just as reluctant to pay out as they are over here …

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