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Question by Tupac: How does one visualize the change they seek to manifest in reality?
After all, doesn’t everything root in consciousness, or the mind/body/spirit in this case?

What do we have that does not root from the mind?

Inventions like the automobile come from the careful study of geometric shapes, mechanical design, application of the study of the properties of the flow of electrical current, study and design of internal combustion engines, etc…
The very laws that make it possible to have such inventions are known only due to the curious minds of humanity… where the rewards of the universe are open to the most curious. I see it is very clear to me that all we need to know will be found if we only allow ourselves to see our inner guiding light, how do you see it?

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Answer by Move on
Great question but there is fault if it is visualization “you” desire to learn. What path “one” takes to visualize the change “one” seeks to manifest in reality is not the same for the next person. Some can change it inherently, some meditate, some dream, some ask, some pray, some hope. All and so many more create the change we desire to manifest in reality. When I look back at my life, I see that I have received everything I have ever asked for. I should have been a little more careful in what I asked for. Cheers

Oh, we do have one thing that does not root from the mind. Ones soul, or maybe as you put it, our inner guiding light. I personally have not the time, patience, and fortitude to know my soul. At least not well enough to be considered a master of my soul but enough to recognize and create some of my souls desires.

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