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There is no particular exercise that can make the breasts smaller, but losing weight in general will mean losing weight all over the body. Subscribe for more…
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Question by Ashly L: Exercises to reduce Love Handles !?
I want these things gone !
Can anyone give me any exercises or youtube videos or something that works effectively?

I also have an exercise ball if that will help.

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Answer by Ann P
great exercise to lose love handles is torso twists. The abdominals are composed of 3 layers of muscles which slide over each other, torso twists help tone the transverse abdominis muscle tightening the love handles. While standing firmly with feet shoulder width apart, the torso twists gently to the left side then to the right while at the same time trying to limit the movement from the hips. During the movements the torso should always remain upright, there should be no bending involved. Care should also be taken not to twist too far as its easy to pull a muscle when exercising the love handles!

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Answer by Alexandra
Exercises designed to shed fat from particular parts of the body do not work, exercise sheds fat from all parts evenly. The best thing for you to do is to change your eating routine, and you will lose weight that way. Best of luck

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Question by 2009: What is the best exercise, diet and supplements to take to reduce stomach fat?
What is the best exercise, diet and supplements to take to reduce stomach fat?

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Answer by Mallory Ann
I would actually suggest you try joining weight watchers. I’ve been a member for about a month and I’ve lost 11.2 lbs. It’s a safe, easy, and healthy way to lose weight.

Or, if you would rather just exercise, I would try the P90X series. It helps you lose weight and gain muscle within 90 days. I personally haven’t tried this yet, but a bunch of my family have and it appears to be working wonders.

I hope I helped!

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Question by : help please How does regular exercise help to reduce the effects of mental stress?
How does regular exercise help to reduce the effects of mental stress?

A. People who regularly exercise are happy people and are fun to be around.
B. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the physical effects of stress.
C. Regular exercise gets you away from the home or office and away from stress.
D. Regular exercise gives you better mental discipline, so you’re better able to ignore stress.

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Answer by Erica

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Question by : Home remedies that can get pimples to reduce or disappear completely?
Tomorrow night is my court warming dance. I have a couple zits on my chest and face. I need some kind of home remedy to either reduce or completely make them vanish by tomorrow afternoon. Please only remedies you know that work. Help please!

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Answer by Michelle Dunn
I would recommend Acneace!!!!
I used it, and after 1 months, my acne was COMPLETELY gone!
Hope it works for you.
you can get From Google Search Acneace Official site. Good luck.

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