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Sam Harris is the man and he is back. He’s making the rounds for his latest book ‘Waking Up’, and he’s delivering interviews like this along the way. His abi… Watch how the major religions have conquered the entire world over 5000 years – in 90 seconds The map slows down for the…

An evangelists went to a small African village to preach the gospel but the king was very unhappy with the new religion and declared war on the evangelist an…

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Johnny Cash - Give Me That Old Time Religion

Opening of this Johnny Cash Show – 2×21 [Ep 53] – [Make A Joyful Noise] Special Guest Billy Graham & More [Feb. 24 ’71] with Guest listing included. was the …

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Question by this is my avatar: which is better spirituality or religion?
keep in mind that religion is based on spirituality but spirituality is not based on religion.
and please state why either is better.

Best answer:

Answer by Dr. House Rao
christianity or hinduism

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Fox News Religion Debate Gets Loud & Awkward

It’s Thursday on Fox’s The Real Story, so you know what that means: Time to bust out the jokey “an atheist, a Jew, and a Christian walk into a bar Fox” lede …
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Question by Kansari 0: what different all religion say about Greediness?
what different all religion say about Greediness?

Best answer:

Answer by KEYS
It’s one of the seven deadly sins, for one

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