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Question by nilet4569: What are some of the issues facing education on american Indian Reservations?
Why on some reservations the quality of education is not the greatest. Is it a general issue.

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Answer by Whortleberry
Sad to say, Native American reservations are not the only places where the quality of education is — not the greatest, to put it gently. Federal funding for education has been cut, state funding for education has been cut — local cities and counties are laying off teachers and closing schools because they don’t have the money to pay them.

And we citizens allow this to happen. It doesn’t take great foreknowledge of the future to see where a dumbed-down America is heading — and it’s not pretty.

As to the Native Americans in particular, since the US government headed the activity of forcing them off their native lands and virtually imprisoning them on reservations — I fear we can’t expect much in the funding of Native Americans education.

This is a sad commentary on the nation we like to think of as “the best.”

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