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In this series, for the training and education of a new generation of Gospel Health Evangelists and Preachers, JR Cofer explains the Ancient Biblical Secrets of Health. Simple Evangelistic…
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Clayton State University School of Nursing Health Assessment final check-off walk-through instructional video.

Southeast Polk physical educators and administrators are committed to the optimal physical education of all students.

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Why I Hate School but Love Education - MoGraph

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Hey Guys! I made this video last week and finally got around to uploading it lol. In this video, you find out that I have a hard time doing that whole talkin…

K. Sujatha Rao served as Union Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for the government of India until 2010, where she was involved in the first e…
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Question by : What motivates you to study and excel in School and Learning?
In this question I’ll give two choices, and I’m curious as to which prevails.
In school, (I’m in College) what motivates you to keep going? Is it 1: Self improvement and awareness of life, or 2: want for a more financially successful future?

So I’m curious of it’s more of a financial thing or more of an abstract, better yourself kind of thing.

For me I’m not doing it for a more financially successful future, as I’m not concerned with money passed the point of having enough for the necessities.

Best answer:

Answer by -•ღ. Jεииí.ღ •-!Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
1: Self improvement and awareness of life: YES
2: want for a more financially successful future?: NO. maybe.

Self-improvement, money comes & goes, my happiness of knowing, hey! I worked really hard studying, I’m studding and working, something that my friends are not, makes me feel proud of myself and independent, my friends look up at me for how far i have done/come.

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Question by april_spruell2002: Mental Health Class for High School students and need creative ideas of ways to teach the class?
Mental Health class activities for High School students?
I am teaching a Mental Health Class for High School students and need creative ideas of ways to teach the class.

Best answer:

Answer by Idontknow
Just whatever you do, don’t focus on mental disorders. Teens are confused enough that many of them are going to go off thinking they’re bipolar or some crazy thing when in reality only a small percentage of the teenage population is actually mentally ill. Focus on mental health. Perhaps make them do some sort of stupid skit or some crap that high school teachers love to do. Basically though, most teens are not going to find your class either interesting or worth while.

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Question by : What education would i need to get a job in solar energy or wind energy after graduating high school?
Im fresh out of high school and am not sure what education i should be seeking next. I have heard that renewable energy is a fast growing field and would like to know what education a good job in that field would require. By a good job i mean anything from installing solar panels or repairing wind turbines. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Ottawa Mike
I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you should aim higher than installing or repairing anything. Those jobs are important but if you have a very good understanding of math and science you can do so much more.

For example, we need solar energy to become less expensive and more efficient. That means we need advances in the science of solar panels themselves and the batteries that store the energy. So a chemist or a chemical engineer would be working to make more efficient and less expensive solar panels. An electrical engineer would be working on designing better batterys and power capture systems. Even someone like an astrophysicist would study the energy of the sun and work with the chemist to capture that energy in a more efficient manner.

I hope that helps you give some more ideas of what a good job might be and the education required to get it.

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