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Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins – Conversation about Science Religion and Morality at oxford England. atheist Clinton Richard Dawkins (born 26 March 1941) is …
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Today we are constantly bombarded with messages and advertisements about how to make ourselves happier, smarter, or have a better memory. Books which claim t…
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Health Science Careers: The Movie follows a patient through a simulated accident, treatment and recovery, highlighting the health sciences that one can study…
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The one and only Eddie Izzard, the comedic legend; jokes about religion, science, the bible, Atheism and Dinosaur-Churches!!. YOU WILL LAUGH OUT LOUD, ENJOY.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 The career potential for the Exercise Science student is quite diverse. Success will depend upon their education, skil…

In this talk, Richard Rorty discusses the ethics of belief. In particular, he discusses whether there’s any conflict between religion and science. Unsurprisi…
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Question by B’s Knees: Are science and religion in conflict or is there a compromise?
I think Science and religion can stregthen each other, for example, Evolution theory and creation theory can go hand in hand. While Christian accounts give the outline of how God created the world, science tells exactly how it was done.

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind” – Albert Einstein.

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Answer by mtchndjnmtch
Can’t have one without the other.

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There are a wide range of self help books and courses on offer claiming to be the ultimate solution to your dating problems. Derren Brown, Kat Akingbade and …
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Lawrence Krauss answers questions on Q&A on science and religion 2013. Another really interesting discussion \ debate from this year. If you like this video …
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Question by Dale: Can religion work with science and technology?
I wonder if religion will become obsolete with all the advancements in technology, soon we could have robots doing all the work for humans, we could have ways to make humans live for hundreds of years and many other things. Are all these things compatible with religion? What about the way things are right now because many people don’t think there is any place for religion?

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Answer by checkunderyourbed
Haha. Religion will always exist. It just keeps evolving to fill in the gaps of human knowledge. These religious people say that their religion is the same unlike science that is ever-changing. We all know that is bull. Their interpretation evolves to keep up with science. We don’t believe the Earth is flat anymore, do we?

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