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Soil health lesson in a minute: how healthy soil should look

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Question by indraraj22: Who should have supreme authority of controlling the senses ? Mind or Body ?
Our holy scriptures say nature of mind is flickering and unsteady. So self-realized body has to control the mind; the mind should not control the body. But the body is made of substances which definitely cause the unstability. Then how body is supposed to hold the control over mind ?

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Answer by lin
you urself

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Question by Paul Linker: How many exercises should you do for lifting?
How many exercises involving dumb bells, the bench, etc. should you do for lifting? I do so far 10 reps and 3 sets per exercise, but how many exercises should I do for lifting?

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Answer by .
Stretch before you do and drink lots of water! It will keep your from feeling too tired.

Water is key!

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Question by (=~*Amy*~=): What should I write my research paper on relating to health and yoga or zumba?
My actual product/project would be to take classes in either yoga or zumba (whichever I fully decide to do) and eventually teach a class on my own.

I’m not a very fit and healthy person and I feel that taking yoga classes could help my body a little. I really want to do this project because I want to do a project on self improvement. Since I’m not the healthiest and most fit person around I’d like that to change.

My point with this, is that maybe a topic question about health thats related to (or leads into, or involves) yoga can help?

Like a question having to do with the different alternatives to becoming healthy. My only problem is figuring out a good topic that could cover all that.

So yeah, please help!! It would mean a lot!

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Answer by Tatl
The health effects of yoga on the human body. or how Yoga affects health.

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Question by Anonymous: How much should I charge to exercise a horse?
I used to exercise about 6 horses a day for $ 10 and hour. I had someone ask that I exercise one horse for them. Since I’m only exercising one horse should I charge more or the same amount? What’s reasonable amount?

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Answer by Amber
Depends really on how much you exercise them. If you’re really doing extensive physical labor and keeping an athletic horse in tip-top shape, then I would charge $ 20+ a ride. If you’re just doing trail rides and easy arena work to get a horse out of its corral, around $ 15+ a ride.

There are a lot of factors there to consider such as the horse’s temperament too. Like if a horse is really laid back and easy to handle, charge less. If a horse is more difficult to ride, charge more. Try to limit the time to what is necessary for adequate exercise. If a horse needs more more exercise, then ride for over an hour, maybe two. Vise versa if a horse needs less, ride for an hour or so, maybe less.

I think to charge per ride rather than hour is better because that way payment is more consistent. Plus you can round up the hours that you ride instead of doing the math to do an hour and 43 minutes and whatnot. Some days horses need to be ridden less, other days they need to be ridden more, that way it all balances it out.

Hope this helps!

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Question by dan blaster: Should religion form the brains or should the brains come up with a religion?
I think Muslims believe that the religion should form the brain. Even if they don’t say so, it is the truth and it is happening.


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Answer by Shea
The brain creates religion as an easy way out of dealing with the reality of existence.

I follow no religion.

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Question by Ed: What exercise should I do at the gym to build muscle?
I got a gym membership mainly so I could build muscles but I don’t know what exercise to do when I go, I haven’t gone yet but I will be going next Monday. I don’t know what exercise to do . I want to build muscle and lose weight but mainly build muscle. its my first week so what exercise do you recommend doing like what type of exercises .if I know the names of the exercises I can look them up and know how to do them so when I go to threw gym I feel more comfortable working out.

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Squats: 4×5 (legs; mostly quads/thighs)
Bench: 4×5 (chest, triceps)
Deadlift: 4×5 (back, legs)
Military press: 4×8 (shoulders, core, legs)

Barbell curls, 4×10 (biceps)
Pull-ups 4xfailure (back and biceps)
Barbell rows 4×8-10 (back and biceps)

Squat 4×5
Bench 4×5
Deadlift: 4×5
Military press: 4×8

Follow that workout for 3-weeks, you will see results..

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Question by Justin: Should the president scrap this health care bill and start over?
Should the president scrap this health care bill? Don’t you think he should start over and add public option.

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Answer by Eric
yeah, why not?

what we say doesn’t make much of a difference.

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