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Question by : is panpsychism the best solution to the mind-body problem?
after researching the metaphysical positions of dulaism, behaviourism, functionalism and the identity theory… i have come across another point of view to consider when approaching the philosophical mind-body problem.
– what is panpsychism?
– how does it rate to other metaphysical positions when solving (if it does solve the problem at all) the mind-body problem?
– is it rationally acceptable?

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Answer by JORGE N
Actually it is one more addition to the solution of the mind body relation. All this is activity we find in the human individual as methods used to understand the complex multioriented individual human as he thinks of ways to survive in reality. Any other method is pretty much the same as rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. Lots of activity and movement on the porch but in the end has gotten nowhere.

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