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Stay Busy No Sad!| Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Busy

So hey guys! this is my new tips of how to keep your mind busy and not let yourself sink in depression/boredom/sadness. Those tips are not are not replacing …

Question by Dragonfly ♥: Besides fueling up on caffeine, what can I do to stay more awake and alert?
I’m having one of those horrible lazy lethargic days. My mind and body feel numb and depleted, even though I had a good night’s 7 hour sleep and had a hearty breakfast of coffee, omelet and fruit. I’ve been exercising regularly but not excessively so. What other measures can I take to make my brain focused and attentive?

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Answer by Stephanie
Are you sure you’re getting seven straight hours of quality sleep? If you wake up a lot during the night and awake for more than 5 minutes, then your previous sleep time no longer counts. People overestimate their sleep quality.

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Question by johma513: How would health insurance businesses be able to stay viable if the Senate bill is passed?
As I understand it, the bill forces all Americans to have health insurance. However, I think that the fine for having no health insurance is around $ 750. But after the year 2014, health insurance companies will not be able to turn customers away for preexisting conditions. Why wouldnt someone pay the fine or buy low end coverage until they got ill and supplement the coverage or buy an extensive plan?

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Answer by danrathersatitagain
In the end, hundreds of thousands of current insurance company employees will be looking for work.

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